Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(DE) F.A.M.E.

Always Was A tiny Fan Of Chris, but all recent events aside, i am giving my full honest review, I am currently streaming, the whole album, from my XBOX radio, and so far its completely void of the rage monster that was at the Good Morning America performance. it opens with the widely popular "Deuces" which i am also a fan of, the next track is a little stereotypically R&B sounding, any artist could have made "Up To You" That song leads into a more upbeat mid-tempo track called "NO B.S." completely racy and sexual, and it sounds as if he has never been in a English classroom. Not a fan of track 3. "Look At Me Now" is after, and i don't know if he wants credit as a rapper, but i think he raps for about 15 seconds, then handsoff the surprisingly impressive rap baton to BUSTA RHYMES who blows it out the water! "She Aint You" (English soooo bad) which samples SWV's "RIGHT HERE" is probably my favorite track so far. its a nice slick beat, but hes not doing much but lying his own lyrics in the exact same fashion on an already popular 90's HIT which also featured Michael Jackson. NOT IMPRESSED yet "Brezzy" lmfao is that a real nickname? anyways lets move on. "Say It With Me" is the next bringing a club beat and guetta knock-off rhythm's, I LOVE IT!!! lol damn u got me on this one!!!! it a good dance track. onto track 7 "Yeah 3x" I'm not really a fan of this song, it kinda sounds like.......hmmmmm a vengaboys track, remember them WE LIKE TO PARTY! lol or a continuation to that doubblement gum song he did. whatever maybe someone will film a wedding to this song too. so right now I'm looking at the album like you would a crazy person, hes all cocky and evil and violent in the first half, then turn all sentimental, its so far inconsistent, "Next To You" is sweet & cute, yadda yadda yadda, "All Back" is the following track i honestly only listened to one line, and had to skip the track because the radiant stench of bullshit was steaming out the speakers. No i literally Lol'd at the title of the next track "Wet The Bed" which is obviously about chris eating a girl out.............................uh!.................ok moving onward!!!  the next song is "Oh My Love" has a bomb intro i dig the beat, and layers. I'm diggin it, I'm feelin it. i give this one a Babble stamp of approval. (BSOA) track 12 "Should've Kissed You" ok its cute, lol its aight! "Beautiful People" has a sick ambient, sound and i fucking love the first vocals on it, insanely awesome sound mixing. another BSOA. kudos to the producers of this track. The next track, so you don't get Chris Brown confused with any homosexuals is called "Love The Girls" Nice middle eastern beats, sounds a little "keri hilson-ish" which i love. its an okay track. I'm a fan of the "Travis barker" drum beats in the center of the song. "Paper, Scissors, Rock" has a sick Step Troupe beat reminiscent of "HOLLERBACK GIRL" but then TIMBO aka. "Timbaland" comes in and ruins it for me, sorry readers, i hate "Timothy Mosely" as an aspiring producer i probably should steer clear of hating, but I DON'T CARE NONE! the last song "Beg For It" a nice song, to skip. overall out of 17 tracks i liked 2 alot and two soso. id say sample it on itunes. but go with my Stamps (BSOA) to be safe ;) til next review! PEACE OUT! 

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  1. i believe its vengaboys And it seems like you weren't completely unbiased with your song judgment and let the fact you might personally disslike him seep through