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The most memorable moment of Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards -- one of the most striking moments of any awards show this century, really -- came when Beyoncé took the stage to perform her4 single "Run the World (Girls)." Standing before a simple white screen that displayed an eye-popping array of projections, Beyoncé interacted with globes, dancers, and even an army of synchronized Beyoncé clones that weren't really there. The expertly executed performance was more awe-inspiring and innovative that anything on the Grammys or MTV VMAs, and definitely trumped any acrobatic stage show Katy, Rihanna, Britney, or even Gaga have fashioned in recent memory.
For new media artist and film director Kenzo Digital, the performance was the culmination of a month of near-sleepless nights. While his colleagues at advertising company Wieden-Kennedy went home at night, he attended intense meetings with Beyoncé and put in grueling hours on the computer concocting the performance's incredible graphics. "I literally haven't slept in five days," Digital tells The Amp, fresh off a plane back from the Awards in Las Vegas. "It's been a very hands-on, intense process."
Kenzo's work has been featured everywhere from the Tribeca Film Festival to the Guggenheim and MOMA. He studied under "the father of video art" Nam June Paik and his latest film, City of God's Son, is an experimental hip-hop opera that was lauded by Kanye West. Beyoncé's team approached Digital about a collaboration, and after meeting, "She really liked where my head was at," Digital says. "They had this idea to do something interactive and projection-based, so I concepted it with Beyoncé. We worked intensely with her choreographer Frank Gatson, who was also super incredible. Together, we fleshed out how the video would interact with the choreography and went back and forth several times on the look and style. My whole thing was to create this futuristic origami jungle world with elephants and lions."
In just one month, Kenzo, Beyoncé, creative studio Breathe (the geniuses behind the graphics at Roger Waters' amazing The Wall live shows), and animation team Dirt Empire conceptualized and executed the "Girls" performance. "Beyoncé has such an incredible work ethic and vision, and you really couldn't ask for a better collaborator in terms of the performing side of things as well. She killed it," Digital says. "When I saw that thing come out live, I was absolutely and completely blown away. As many times as she had rehearsed, as many times as she mocked it up just in the video room to get a reference of where we're at with the animation, to see that come together with her and her 100 percent energy and all the pyro effects, it was insane."
Perhaps most impressive, Beyoncé did the entire performance without the help of a reference screen, like the ones a weatherman uses to pinpoint where it's raining. "She is an absolute monster, she nailed all of her walks -- she just knows it," Kenzo says. "Her muscle memory, her performance, she doesn't need guides. She just needs to practice it a couple times and it's done. There was no visual guide. Her eye line was straight into the crowd, engaging the crowd. That's just her amazing abilities as a performer."
Kenzo admits that Beyoncé's team was initially inspired by a similar performance by Italian singer Lorella Cuccarini. "[The Cuccarini artists] are awesome and do incredible work as well, but there are a lot of different inspirations for where our piece came from," he said. "That's the thing, it's very simplistic. If anything, it's a great example of how great of a performer Beyoncé is. It's just a bare white screen. It's a technique in video art since the '80s in terms of frontal projection and interactive things. That's really nothing new. It's not even a new technology. It's just an incredibly simple, awesome storytelling device, and with a performer like Beyoncé it becomes incredibly powerful."
Kenzo hopes the "Girls" performance lives on as a centerpiece for Beyoncé's inevitable tour in support of 4. "It would be awesome if it would be," he says, "but I don't know what's in store exactly." Digital's phone has been ringing constantly since Beyoncé's world-stopping performance -- "I literally have 50 new messages on my answering machine and so many emails" -- so expect some more revolutionary performances in the near-future.

Ummmmmm WTF?

i dont know what crack-head anime freak from japan made this, but its fuckin so catchy and i like it for some reason, why?????????????????????????????



Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu (born 7 November 1988), better known by his stage name Tinie Tempah, is an amazing English rapper from South London, England. His debut album, Disc-Overy, debuted at number one on 10 October 2010 and was preceded by the number-one singles "Pass Out" and "Written in the Stars" and the top-five singles "Frisky" and "Miami 2 Ibiza" and the top 10 single "Eyes Wide Shut (song)". I had first heard some of this guys stuff when i was looking for remixes by Rihanna, and there was a mash-up. i fell in love istantly. so now the wonderboy from across the pond, has drop[ped his luggage off in the U.S. and is gonna infect our ears with his beats and sounds. Get on it.

In 2006, Tinie gained a great deal of airplay on British music TV channel, Channel U, for his song 'Tears' and then in late 2007, Tinie Tempah collaborated on a track with grime artist Ultra and producers/songwriters Agent X. The song was titled "Perfect GCD Hood Economics Room 147". He toured with Chipmunk in February 2010.
His first break as a musician came when Sony (WHICH SUCKS ASS CAUSE THEY'RE PSN KEEPS GETTIN HACKED) launched its PlayStation Portable (PSP) and used a track entitled 'Listen To The Vibe' featuring Yazmin & DJ Ironik [Atlantic / Warner] for the futuristic racing game, Wipeout Pure. This resulted in a promotional European tour alongside the likes of Sway and Dizzee Rascal.
Tinie and his manager and cousin Dumi Oburota founded the independent label Disturbing London primarily as an official outlet for Tinie's music, but with the idea of also signing other young artists. According to Dumi: "We wanted to have a platform to put out our music and there wasn't any Def Jam or Roc-A-Fella label equivalent in England. [Also] I wanted to create a major independent label with quality artists. I felt like the major labels had lost the passion for music." The activities of the label were initially largely funded by student loans and the proceeds from buying and selling cars.
When scout and music consultant Jade Richardson saw Tinie performing at the 2009 Wireless Festival she called Parlophone Records president Miles Leonard saying: “You’ve got to check out this guy Tinie Tempah. He came on at lunchtime and there’s about 1,000 kids screaming for him. He’s only put out one independent release and he’s got this huge audience.” Leonard and A&R Nathan Thompson visited Tinie and his manager Dumi at their studio a few weeks later and were hugely impressed to hear about the work they had already done in developing Tinie's career and by the ambitious plans they had for its future. Leonard told HitQuarters: "I thought it was incredible that an artist and manager were doing so much so soon with so little ... That impressed as much as the music."
Tinie announced his signing to Parlophone in October 2009 by running a competition on his blog, with the winner invited to High Tea at Claridges to celebrate the deal.
Tinie is known for his interesting style. He wears Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses ,or other brands of glasses that have the look of Wayfarers, but with different styles to them. The glasses he currently wears areTom Ford brand glasses, which bear a resemblence to Ray Ban Wayfarers. Tinie is also known for his beautiful style of art. He uses many different unique effects, colors and other things in his album artworks, wallpapers etc. Tinie also has a quite unique style of clothing. He usually wears along with his fashionable glasses a simple but elegant shirt mostly from the Disturbing London clothing (eg. Tea Cup or DL Logo) underneath a leather jacket or regular. Most of the time he wears Nike trainers as for shoes with different types of hi-top Nike SBs for example. He wears a ring on his right or left pinky finger, a Rolex watch on the left wrist, religious beads on the right wrist sometimes (can be seen in his Disc-Overy album artwork) & a diamond earing mostly on his left 

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I used to appreciate this bitch, and her sound and her clever lyrics, but now it just seems she is becoming what i thought she would never be, its not that she is not "talented" i know all you hardcore "MONSTERS" are die-hard fans and she can never do wrong, but she has turned into a gimmick to me, and a pop sales whore. shes all about the numbers. but all aside I'm gonna listen to her album and be honest like i have done in the past with my other album reviews. So "BORN THIS WAY" starts off with "MARRY THE NIGHT" i have had this track for about a week, and lemme say its probably my second favorite track, i play it while i jog at the gym, it gets me pumped. i dig it and jam to it frequently. The next is the first single "BORN THIS WAY" now i get it, all you trannys and queens, love this damn song, it makes you feel loved, yadda yadda yadda, I'm not a fuckin tranny so i hate it, and it just feels like a Madonna rip-off, now the video, now that's another story, i like it, seems like she had fun, and that's kind of a side to gaga I'm not used to seeing. so bravo on the video, and boo on the composition of the actual track, i liked the song better when it was called "express yourself" onto the next track "GOVERNMENT HOOKER" its a fun little catchy tune, and I'm kinda smiling, i hate this bitch! haha although i don't get the title, which makes me think its all about shock-value. its very 80rock and slick. good job. "JUDAS" is next, JUDA! Ju Da AH AH! now this song is super addictive and catchy, i still think i hate this song, but i find myself involuntarily singing it. she is a master of gettin in ur head. i still when i hear this, miss the old "THE FAME" gaga, but I'm very glad she took a chance with this album. "AMERICANO" this seems to be a weird lesbian Gaga fantasy ride, its talented Mr. Ripley meets "Nine" im not a fan, its a little over the top, but good Italian hooker bitch! "HAIR" is up next, and I'm skipping it, i don't have hair, that's all. "SCHIBE" is next and its smart because she is marketing to another country, and if ur trying to go worldwide, why not when Germany's heart? its fuckin fun, its very Euro-pop and I'm feelin it. might be my third favorite on the album, its starting to sound like this damn skinny white bitch has won me over lol ugh! "BlOODY MARRY" this is what I'm talking about, this intro is what music should be, Fun, and weird, break the barrier people!!! BRAVO BRAVO this set up is great. the chorus is a little too much but the beat is siiiiick! good job woman. "BLACK JESUS + AMEN FASHION" basically this is a remix of "BORN THIS WAY" bored, and moving on. "BAD KIDS" Its Okay its one of those songs where i feel like she tries to connect with people that she has no idea what they are going through, but more power to ya, you are a marketing genius, and BTW guys and gals, listen to the band "GOSSIP" and see how original this song is, she ripped this song off hardcore. "Fashion Of His LOVE" another Madonna rip-off whoooo hooo, man she almost had me loving this whole album, but i do love the 80's Whitney Houston beat, ohhhhhh i wanna dance with somebody!!!!!! "HIGHWAY UNICORN (road to love)" is fantastic! this one is fun and stupid all at once "HEAVY METAL LOVER" follows and hits hard, its mixed well and has a good flow. "ELECTRIC CHAPEL" if feel like this could have gone to Kylie Minogue, but its good and sexy, by this time i want the album to be over lol its so electric I'm in shock. the next song is "THE QUEEN" its like Christmas and and glee! this is a good song, I'm diggin this track alot. "YOU AND I" kinda like Brown eyes and Speechless smashed together and made a new old song! "EDGE OF GLORY" ends the album greatly, i love this one its my favorite, its amazing and sexy, light and airy. the album is fairly good, a little too much in one direction, but its not a step backwards like i thought, if you hate gaga like i do, u don't have to like the device, but the product that comes out, is pretty damn talented, give "BORN THIS WAY" a chance, it will grow on you. 

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Will Smith is bringing "The Heat" to the streets of New York City. The actor has set up his gigantic double-decker trailer, appropriately nicknamed "The Heat," in SoHo, where he's currently filming Men in Black III - much to the dismay of locals, according to the New York Post. Many neighborhood residents and shopkeepers are outraged by the enormous big ass bus and have complained to city officials, who say despite its size, the trailer does not violate any regulations. aka, its the fresh prince! Late Wednesday, a rep for Sony Pictures Entertainment, the studio producing the film, told People, "the trailer has been relocated to private property.

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What You Should Know: A demonic mutant from ancient times, Azazel is a villain in the X-Men mythology and the father of Nightcrawler (we’ll leave the identity of Nightcrawler’s mother out, since it may be a spoiler for some). Azazel has the ability to teleport across long distances, sometimes even from dimension to dimension.
In the comics Azazel is an extremely powerful creature who claims the entire world as his own. In addition to his teleportation abilities he can generate bolts of energy, as well shapeshift. Trapped by angels in another dimension, Azazel found he could breach the void for brief periods of time using his powers. He further discovered that he could access a world more easily if he had fathered a child in it.
In an attempt to free his demonic brethren of old, Azazel summoned his numerous children, including Nightcrawler, to the Isla Des Demonas where he expected them to sacrifice themselves. Their deaths would ensure that the portal to the prison dimension would be opened. His plans were thwarted by the X-Men and Azazel vanished.
First Class is the first on-screen appearance of the character in the four live-action X-Men films.

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So tomorrow May 21 2011, Some Americans have extreme plans this weekend. only because they are feeding into A crazy ass religious leader named Harold Camping's crazy talk and has let him convince them the end of the world starts at 6 p.m. ET Saturday. 
Most of the world does not believe the date is Judgment Day. But as CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker reports, it seems just about everyone's seen the signs about the end of the world."May 21st, 2011 is the day of judgment," a Family Radio ad says. It's a prophecy aggressively peddled by 89-year-old Harold Camping, a civil engineer and self-taught Biblical sage."You and I are living at the time of the end of the world,"He claims to have discerned the date from numerological calculations revealed by his reading of the Bible. He spread his prophecy around the world through broadcasts on his Family Radio network in 84 languages, on RV caravans and on 1,200 billboards around the country.

According to Camping, starting Saturday, "There's going to be a huge earthquake that's going to make the big earthquake in Japan seem like a Sunday school picnic." (crazy talk)"We want people to know that there are a few hours left to cry out to him for mercy," says Ken Ronning.
Trumpeting the apocalypse doesn't come cheap. Family Radio spent as much as $1 million on the billboard campaign. It can afford to. Camping's radio network was worth about $22 million in 2002 -- by 2008 it was valued at more than $117 million.
"It's a combination of a very new and rather peculiar way of reading the Bible coupled with brilliant 20th century American marketing," says Rev. Michael Seiler of St. Matthew's Episcopal Chruch.
It's become a cultural touchstone for late night comics. David Letterman recently joked, "The No. 1 way to make the apocalypse for fun? More fun? What's more fun than the apocalypse for God's sake?"
The end of the world has been predicted more than 100 times in the last 100 years. In fact, Harold Camping predicted the end once before - in 1994. This time he says he's certain.

unreleased or Underconstruction



What You Should Know: A powerful villain who appears at the very dawn of the X-Men comic mythology, Magneto is really Holocaust survivor Max Eisenhardt. He is an extremely powerful mutant who has the ability to generate and manipulate myriad forms of magnetism.
In the Marvel universe Max sees his entire family murdered before his eyes and then is sent to Auschwitz where he witnesses the full expression of the Holocaust horror. He survives the ordeal and meets a gypsy named Magda. They move to the Ukraine and later produce a daughter, Anya. Further persecution from a mob causes Max’s powers to first burst forth. He slaughters the mob (and, incidentally, half the village) that has set fire to his home but he can’t save his daughter, who perishes. Magda flees him, terrified of his power, although she carries his unborn twins (later to become the Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver). Eisenhardt changes his identity to Eric Lehnsherr and leaves the U.S.S.R.
It is in Haifa, Israel where meets his friend and lifelong nemesis, Charles Xavier, aka Professor X. They both work as orderlies at a clinic for Holocaust survivors and tentatively discuss hypothetical scenarios about mutant humans. They eventually reveal their secret gifts when opposing a Nazi hunting for Third Reich gold. But their opposite views of humanity drive them apart, Xavier believing that humans and mutants can peacefully co-exist while Eric is convinced that they are Homo-superior and the eventual, logical, evolutionary expression of mankind. Xavier leaves to continue his travels and Eric with the Nazi gold, which he uses to bankroll his future. Lensherr then creates The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (aka The Brotherhood), a collective of like-minded mutants who believed themselves besieged. They included his—unbeknownst to him—children, The Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver, along with a shifting roster of characters including Mystique and Toad.
Much like Xavier’s school, Lensherr tries to establish a home for mutants, using an asteroid, a conquered South American country, an orbital satellite and eventually, the island of Genosha. The island rises as a beacon to mutants who wish to live separately from humans and, under Magneto, becomes a powerful nation. But, the island is mercilessly attacked by Cassandra Nova, Xavier’s evil twin sister (one unbeknownst to him), and the Sentinels, giant mutant-hunting robots (that appear during the simulation scene at the beginning of X-Men: The Last Stand). An estimated 16 million mutants are killed in the genocide. Later battles leave Magneto the island’s only inhabitant.

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What You Should Know: Emma Frost, the scantily clad superhero with a predilection for white outfits, was originally a villain in the X-Men mythology. She appeared as the telepath, The White Queen, a member of an elite worldwide organization of the super-rich called the Hellfire Club, run by the ruthless mutant, Sebastian Shaw.
Frost was one of four children born to demanding, wealthy parents in Boston. Somewhat a rebel, Emma rejected the family business, her inheritance, and her comfortable upbringing. She did not reject, however, the world of money and power. Ever resourceful, she moved her way up in the world of business and academia using her brains, her looks and her mental telepathy. She eventually became the CEO of her parents’ company , head of the Hellfire Group, and headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy, a mutant school which competed with Xavier’s School for Mutants. Frost changed radically, however, after one of her own sisters, Adrienne, tried to blow up the Massachusetts Academy, killing some students. Enraged, Emma hunted down and killed her sister in cold blood.
Emma then moved to Genosha, the mutant refuge created by Magneto, and became a teacher there. After Genosha was attacked by the Sentinels (the mutant-hunting robots) and most of the population was wiped out, Frost again transformed. She gained the ability to turn her outward shell into pure diamonds, making her nearly invulnerable (save for one flaw in one diamond, her Achilles’ heel). Now accepted by the X-Men, Frost began a psychic, non-physical affair with Scott Grey, aka Cyclops.
Even after the affair was exposed, Emma Frost remained a member of the X-Men, probably because of the outfits.



What You Should Know: An original member of the X-Men, bald, paraplegic Professor X, aka, Dr. Charles Xavier, is the founder of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, a scientific genius, and the putative leader of the group. He is an extraordinarily gifted telepath who can read and control minds. He uses his powers to promote peaceful co-existence between the mutually distrustful human and mutant races.
In the Marvel comics mythology Charles Xavier is the son of a Brian Xavier, a nuclear scientist and Sharon, a housewife. When his biological father dies, Sharon Xavier remarries Kurt Marko, a colleague of Brian’s, who brings his son Cain along and into the family. Sharon later dies and a fight between Xavier and Cain results in a lab fire that kills Kurt Marko. Cain never forgives Xavier and wrongfully blames him for his father’s death. Cain later is transformed into the Juggernaut (played by Vinnie Jones in X-Men: The Last Stand, though there appears to be no familial connection in that mythology).
Charles fights in the Korean War alongside his stepbrother Cain, and, after the war is over, works as an orderly in a clinic for Holocaust survivors in Haifa, Israel. There he meets Eric Lehnsherr, the future Magneto. Xavier realizes that Lehnserr is a very powerful mutant and that, though fast friends, they have very different views on the mutant-human relationship. Lehnsherr sees in humans their potential to commit genocide, something he fears will be done with mutants. The friends part ways.
Xavier travels to the Himalayas where he encounters an alien named Lucifer who is planning a full-scale invasion of the planet. Charles thwarts Lucifer’s plans and the alien retaliates by dropping a stone block on him, leaving him forever crippled. Returning to the United States, Xavier founds his School for Gifted Youngsters. His first students are Beast, Iceman, Angel, Cyclops and Marvel Girl; the original X-Men. He also creates Cerebro, a special machine that augments his powers and allows him to detect mutants the world over.

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So being the super mega geek i am. its no surprise that I'm super-stoked about the up coming TEAM BONDI/ROCKSTAR video game L.A. NOIRE, i have not been this juiced about a game in ages, well i get juiced quarterly about games so i guess that's a lie. but I'm a huge fan of WWII movies and the 40s and 50s so this game is kinda right up my alley. The game takes place in post-war 1940s Los Angeles, a city of glamour, fame and wealth, so it kinda has a glimpse of what Hollywood wanted to be, but also where crime, vice corruption is rife. The player assumes the role of Cole Phelps, an LAPD officer who rises through the ranks of the department. He has joined the police force to "right the wrongs" he committed during the Second World War. He starts off as a patrol-man, then a traffic detective, homicide, vice, and finally arson investigator. Each rank gives the player a partner who will help Phelps in his investigations, fights, and arrests. The game blends investigative elements such as mystery, and crime solving, with fast paced action sequences from chases on foot to car, as well as gun-play. As well as the storyline missions, the player can choose to work on optional side-investigations following a call from dispatch. The player can also travel on foot, as well as in different vehicles. its finally a grand theft auto for me!!! 


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GET To Know Your Pornstars!

François Sagat (born June 5, 1979) he is a French male pornographic actor who has appeared in gay pornographic movies. He is best known for his rugged looks and scalp tattoo. He has also appeared at times as a fashion model and starting 2009, he also landed on cinematic roles in films for the general public including Saw VI and lead roles in L.A. Zombie and Homme au bainFrançois Sagat was born in Cognac, in the south-west of France to French parents of Slovak origins. Sagat moved to Paris at the age of eighteen, hoping to work in the fashion industry. Since childhood, Sagat had been fascinated by fashion and passionate about drawing. After studying fashion for two years in Paris and working briefly as an assistant in various fashion houses, Sagat left the profession. He felt that he had not been given the opportunities he deserved, and has claimed that it actually cost him money to work in the fashion industry, since he was often not paid for his work. He did photographic work for several French companies, but felt he was poorly treated and put his career in front of the camera on hold. At the age of twenty-five, François Sagat was contacted by a French pornographic studio called Citébeur. He accepted their offer and, a few weeks later, performed in his first adult film under the screen name Azzedine. It became an instant success, and Sagat decided to seek a full time job in the porn industry. After several films with Citébeur, he was invited to move to the USA and, there, shot his first scene for the porn film Arabesque by Raging Stallion Studios  reverting to his birth name François Sagat from the screen name Azzedine used with Citebeur. He stayed with Raging Stallion Studios for 2005-2006 before becoming an exclusive porn star at Titan Media doing films for TitanMen series 2007 on. Briefly retiring from the adult industry, he staged his comeback in late 2008 and has recently appeared in the TitanMen video, Full Access, in a scene with fellow porn star Matthew Rush.

As a pornographic actor, he was both top and bottom and also performed BDSM. Although known primarily for his gay movies, he has also appeared in a few bisexual scene, most notably in the film Gay Arab Club.

François Sagat is well known for his distinctive scalp tattoo. In a recent interview he explained that his hair began to thin out a few years ago and he felt that his head was too long and disproportional. In order to make his cranium appear more symmetrical, he decided to get a tattoo that gave the illusion of a hairy scalp. He also added perpendicular lines in appreciation of hip hop style. He has another, equally distinctive tattoo: a combination of a sickle moon and star reminiscent of flags on some Arab country flags. He explained that he loves Arab men and that the tattoo is his tribute to those people and to the cultures he admires and respects. He has a third tattoo, on his left arm which is his surname in Greek letters ΣΑΓΑΤ (read SAGAT). Dildos made from an exact molding of Sagat's male sexual organ with realistic veins, cock head and foreskin were marketed.

Sagat is very much involved in fashion. When German designer Bernhard Willhelm launched his first ever official collection during Paris Fashion Week, he chose François Sagat for promoting the event and his line of men's wear. This turned into a series François Sagat Classics wear. Selected photographs of Bernhard Willhelm / François Sagat collaboration and inspired by work of Peter Berlin also appeared as calendars. The series was photographed by Lukas Wassmann Sagat has also worked with the French fashion label Fade. Sagat is also known as a gifted erotic drawer and draftsman.

Sagat also keeps an active blog, where he often explores his creativity in diverse and intimate ways, showing in addition to promotional materials, many of his personal art work, intimate looks into his personal life, video takes on various topics and even personal renditions of favorite lyrics from chosen songs.
Sagat is also very much involved in public awareness campaigns. In 2009, with the initiative of French gay site and "Institut national de prévention et d'éducation pour la santé" (INPES), Sagat made an advertisement entitled Je mets une capote et du gel that was first broadcast on the World AIDS Day, and where he appears nude showing a simple way of using condom and gel.

Hasta La Vista Baby

After a 25-year marriage as one of the nation's leading power couples in Hollywood and politics, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have split up, they say in a joint statement. “This has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us," they say. "After a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion, and prayer, we came to this decision together. "At this time, we are living apart, while we work on the future of our relationship," they continue. "We are continuing to parent our four children together. They are the light and the center of both of our lives.