Thursday, May 19, 2011


What You Should Know: Emma Frost, the scantily clad superhero with a predilection for white outfits, was originally a villain in the X-Men mythology. She appeared as the telepath, The White Queen, a member of an elite worldwide organization of the super-rich called the Hellfire Club, run by the ruthless mutant, Sebastian Shaw.
Frost was one of four children born to demanding, wealthy parents in Boston. Somewhat a rebel, Emma rejected the family business, her inheritance, and her comfortable upbringing. She did not reject, however, the world of money and power. Ever resourceful, she moved her way up in the world of business and academia using her brains, her looks and her mental telepathy. She eventually became the CEO of her parents’ company , head of the Hellfire Group, and headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy, a mutant school which competed with Xavier’s School for Mutants. Frost changed radically, however, after one of her own sisters, Adrienne, tried to blow up the Massachusetts Academy, killing some students. Enraged, Emma hunted down and killed her sister in cold blood.
Emma then moved to Genosha, the mutant refuge created by Magneto, and became a teacher there. After Genosha was attacked by the Sentinels (the mutant-hunting robots) and most of the population was wiped out, Frost again transformed. She gained the ability to turn her outward shell into pure diamonds, making her nearly invulnerable (save for one flaw in one diamond, her Achilles’ heel). Now accepted by the X-Men, Frost began a psychic, non-physical affair with Scott Grey, aka Cyclops.
Even after the affair was exposed, Emma Frost remained a member of the X-Men, probably because of the outfits.

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  1. non physical affair??? they mind fucked??? wow!!!

    and ... "prolly cuz the outfits" hahahahahaha i love it.