Saturday, May 21, 2011


What You Should Know: A demonic mutant from ancient times, Azazel is a villain in the X-Men mythology and the father of Nightcrawler (we’ll leave the identity of Nightcrawler’s mother out, since it may be a spoiler for some). Azazel has the ability to teleport across long distances, sometimes even from dimension to dimension.
In the comics Azazel is an extremely powerful creature who claims the entire world as his own. In addition to his teleportation abilities he can generate bolts of energy, as well shapeshift. Trapped by angels in another dimension, Azazel found he could breach the void for brief periods of time using his powers. He further discovered that he could access a world more easily if he had fathered a child in it.
In an attempt to free his demonic brethren of old, Azazel summoned his numerous children, including Nightcrawler, to the Isla Des Demonas where he expected them to sacrifice themselves. Their deaths would ensure that the portal to the prison dimension would be opened. His plans were thwarted by the X-Men and Azazel vanished.
First Class is the first on-screen appearance of the character in the four live-action X-Men films.

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