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Just ahead of tomorrow's release of her album "4," Beyonce made global headlines this weekend after nailing her debut headlining gig at the Glastonbury Festival.
The reviews couldn’t be more congratulatory, undoubtedly a nice change of pace for the 29-year-old, who’s weathered lukewarm response to her single “Run the World (Girls.)

The Guardian commended the pop superstar for kicking the show off with a bang and never letting the excitement slip. Harper’s Bazaar added that she lived up to her reputation, with Rolli
ng Stone calling it a “bold, crowd-pleasing spectacle" and Billboard viewing it as "career-defining."
She launched into the 90-minute set with “Crazy in Love” and then worked her way through a number of hits, including “Single Ladies” and “Telephone” in addition to covers of Kings of Leon’s "sex on fire"and Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know."

When all was said and done, George Michael acknowledged the singer’s efforts, tweeting, “Just watching Beyonce's performance at Glastonbury. I love that woman. Great artist, writer, singer, person ... Something so generous about the fact that she covered songs that acknowledged Glastonbury's typical audience. Very few American artists ... would take the time or have the respect for a foreign audience to do that. She just gets better and better."
Beyonce herself was taken aback by the moment, telling her audience, “I wanted you all to know, right now you are witnessing my dream. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me and my band here.
“I always wanted to be a rock star,” she continued, “and tonight we are all rock stars … I still can’t believe I’m performing at Glastonbury.”
Check out a clip below:

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click the link below! its hot. 





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You Have What Missy Elliott?

So it looks like the reason miss missy e has been missin is Missy Elliott has Graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the thyroid. "You live with it for the rest of your life," she tells People. According to the Graves' Disease Foundation, the illness affects 2 to 3 percent of the population. Elliott, 39, was diagnosed in 2008 after suffering such symptoms as dizzy spells, lumps in her throat, mood swings, hair loss, a fast heart rate and bulging eyes. Her motor skills were also affected.
She had been undergoing radiation and taking medication for the past three years and now is feeling better. "I'm 30 pounds lighter because I've been exercising," the rapper says. "My thyroid is functioning, so I haven't had to take medication in about nine months."

Elliott's focus now is music: She's working on a comeback album with Timbaland.

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So Lets get right to bizzness and "Listen" to the woman that runs the world, and her new album, no i know this album has gotten not that amazing early reviews, and there was even a rumor that it was gonna be postponed, and Jay-Z was gonna re-format the whole thing, but i have the album in hand, and I'm about to give you my opinion. so first track up is 1+1 nice guitar playing, nice and mellow, with an old school drawl. I'm a fan of this track more than when i heard the leaked version. its a powerful love song. and lets face it, Beyonce sings some good ballads. i dig it. Next up is "I Miss You" It has a funky electonica beat to start, something you would never expect from her, and then drums start, the lyrics are great on this one. "I told you how you hurt me, but you don't care, now im crying and deserted, but you don't care! ain't nobody tell me this is love, but your immune to all my pain!" the chorus is the weakest part of the song, which is interesting to me. something is missing for me at first listen, but I'm sure this song will sing to me when I'm more angry or remembering a bad break-up. "I Miss You" is the next interesting sound, very different direction than i expected. I'm glad its different, cause i never thought it would sound like this from hearing "RUN THE WORLD" the beat on this one is simple, very garage band esque. "BEST THING I NEVER HAD" This song is very back to the roots of "B" its as if "Irreplaceable" & "Take A Bow" had a musical child. i like it, it works, "PARTY" (featuring Andre 3000 & Kanye West) this song is very retro, i think its a Boyz ll Men sample, i could be wrong. its a great throwback 90s song. i dig it. a little boring. "Rather Die Young" interesting beat and song structure, so far for a "Beyonce" album, it hasn't hooked me the way i had thought, but I'm appreciating the artistic expression. "Start Over" is the "my relationship is falling apart" song i like it a lot, again very different for her. "Love On Top" is cute and funky again she went back to the future on this one totally 80s r&b lol so fun. it takes an while to see what she was doing with this album. "COUNTDOWN" THIS IS MY JAM, DEFINITELY THE DREAM TOUCHED THIS ONE. ITS MY FAVORITE ON THE ALBUM, DAMN THE BEAT IS BOMB! "End Of Time" very weird drumbeat and intro, with some chant, 90s funky bass, this is a very weird departure from the first part of the album, I'm afraid this is gonna be the "b" album of her career. i do like the rap runs in this song though. they are fast and fun. this song will grow on me. "I Was Here" sounds like a Clint Eastwood soundtrack, its another ballad its pretty yadda yadda yadda, I'm kind of over the album now. and next is "RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS) my drunk song of the year, i hate it as a song for a car or radio, but in the club druuuunk! its the best thing that can happen to you.

So i would give the album a shot but only is you can borrow it from some crazy die-hard fan that was dumb enough to buy it, and thats about it


so i found the video of the hot gym guy, with the cover of ginuwines' PONY by "FAR" so here ya go guys another gay gay gay post that will get more hits than the substance i post lol

Compliments of RocketTube

Noteworthy Cover

Ryan Dunn: Drunk & Gone

Jackass star Ryan Dunn was drunk when he crashed his Porsche on a Pennsylvania highway while going as fast as 140 mph, according to police. 

Dunn, 34, died along with his friend Zachary Hartwell, 30, from West Chester, Pa. Both men suffered "blunt and thermal trauma" in the crash, which turned Dunn's car into a fireball, according to the autopsy report. 

Dunn was driving at twice the legal limit, with authorities saying toxicology results put his blood alcohol concentration at 0.196 percent, while the legal state limit is 0.08. 
Before the crash, the two men had been in a bar in West Chester; Dunn had Tweeted a photo of them drinking.

"The initial crash reconstruction investigation determined that Mr. Dunn's vehicle was traveling between 132-140 mph at the time of the collision," West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll said in a statement.

Pottermore?, Yes Please!

After years of refusing to release her boy-wizard books in electronic format, Harry Potter mastermind J.K. Rowling is finally taking the digital plunge, launching an online store that will sell Harry Potter e-books directly to consumers and a social-networking site designed to keep the Potter magic alive.
The free-to-access site, known as Pottermore, launches for the first million users on July 31 and opens to the general public — with the online e-book store — in October. Once the online store opens, the full Harry Potter series will be available as e-books in multiple languages, compatable with any electronic reading device.
Pottermore is a full-on Harry Potter online universe that allows readers to join a Hogwarts house and travel through the first Harry Potter book, while collecting points and playing games. Perhaps the biggest draw is the extra material that Ms. Rowling has written and unearthed from her notes, which gives intense Potter fans much-desired background and explanations about key characters, places and plots.
“I’ll be sharing additional information that I’ve been hoarding for years about the world of Harry Potter,” Ms. Rowling said in a Monday press conference in London. “I can be creative in a medium that didn’t exist back in 1990 when I started writing the books.”
Ms. Rowling has built the Potter franchise into a behemoth since the first of her seven Harry Potter novels was published in 1997. The series – the final installment of which was published in 2007 — has sold more than 450 million books worldwide, and spawned an eight-part film franchise for Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros.that is about to wrap up. The series is also featured in “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” area at the Universal Orlando theme park. In 2010, Forbes magazine estimated Ms. Rowling’s net worth at $1 billion.
Now, Pottermore is Ms. Rowling’s next step toward keeping the franchise alive and vital beyond the book series.

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Super 8 Is Super Great

Every once in a while, there comes along a movie that i go crazy over, last year it was inception, a few years back THERE WILL BE BLOOD, and this year its SUPER 8, i know it has mixed reactions, and i know it has some weak points, but i think what people fail to see nowadays in a world of critisism and negativity, is what good is in things, and the point of a film like this is to take you away on an adventure. its not about the CGI and the "Monster" we all learned that from LOST!, its about the message and story, i know i know! whats that? there arent "stories" in film anymore! its all explosions and robots taking over the world, and pirates saying dumb one liners! and shock humor!but there are little gems out there, and if you just relax and enjoy them, they will fill up a part of your memory for years to come.

Now i wanna get  to talking about the film, so if you have not seen it. i suggest you do not read on. Now i love the way J.J. starts off the film, its not in your face, the character build up is sublte, the "days from last incident" sign being reset to "1" the way he sets up this story is so classicly done, and so intriguing, it holds me right away. the cast of the kids, is reminicent of that of "goonies" and "stand by me" the comic relief, but it was also the chemisty of the kids, some of the lines didnt need to be there but the reactions and the way they were said, were so damn natural, i felt like i was hanging out with my friends when i was 10, and 12, it just worked for me. the young love moments between, Elle Fanning & Joel Courtney were so cute and real, they make you smile. the action and drama remind me of "E.T" and "Close Encounters" i was just truly suprised at the nasalgic boom of this film, and once again Michael Giacchino, you rock another soundtrack, because i was amazed!

All i have to say is Bravo! and Thank you J.J. abrams, i had a great time and i was entertained emensely 

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Man vs Wild is heading to Iceland in its upcoming season premiere, and host Bear Grylls plans to introduce the North American Gyllenhaal to the breathtaking but unforgiving landcape. Discovery has announced the Jake Gyllenhaal will guest on the July 11 premiere, spending two days in the wild with Grylls. “For me, it’s all about discovery,” Gyllenhaal said in the network’s press release.”hopefully they have hot brokeback mountain sex in this episode.
The wild is always very revealing — not only physically but mentally,” added Grylls. “You’ve got to smile when it’s driving horizontal hail and be able to face your fears and just get on and do it — and on both of those accounts, Jake came up strong.”


so i was always a fan of brandy and i love love love the album "never say never" so here is an awesome mix by my good friend. Sinjin Hawke. enjoy, its nice clean mellow, and awesome!

 Brandy - Never Say Never (Sinjin Hawke Bootleg) by Sinjin Hawke 

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Armando Christian Pérez (born January 15, 1981), better known by his stage name Pitbull, is an American rapper. His first recorded performance was from the Lil Jon album Kings of Crunk in 2002, after which he released his debut album in 2004 titled M.I.A.M.I. (short for Money Is a Major Issue) under TVT Records. Since then, he has released two other albums under the label, El Mariel in 2006 and The Boatlift in 2007. He then released Rebelution in 2009, which included singles "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" and "Krazy". The latter peaked at No.30 on the Hot 100 and No.11 on the Hot Rap Tracks charts while "I Know You Want Me" peaked at No.2 on the Hot 100 and peaked within the top ten spots of charts in the UK, Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands. The song reached No.1 in France and the European Hot 100 on the week ending August 29, 2009 according to Billboard magazine. He later signed with Polo Grounds Music through Sony Music and created his own label Mr. 305 Inc. Other singles from Rebelution included "Blanco" featuring Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes and "Hotel Room Service", the latter of which peaked at No.8 on the Hot 100. Rebelution went on to sell over 7.5 million worldwide digital singles and albums combined. 
Pérez is also the host of his own Spanish-language program on the cable channel Mun2 titled La Esquina (Spanish for The Corner). In 2005 Pérez and rapper Sean 'Diddy' Combs co-founded Bad Boy Latino, a subsidiary of Combs' Bad Boy Records label. It primarily focuses on Latin Rap, Latin Soul and Tropical music, and has offices in Miami and New York. Along with co-founding it, Pérez currently heads the A&R division of the label.
Pérez has become a product endorser, representing alongside Drake, Rihanna, and Trey Songz the “So Kodak” campaign for the Kodak brand and embarking on a partnership with the soda giant Dr Pepper as part of the campaign “Vida 23” for which he recorded the song specifically for it that was also featured on his album

Pitbull was born to Cuban immigrant parents who made him recite the works of poet José Martí. He encountered problems early in his career as a rapper because he was blue-eyed and Cuban American. He was also influenced by the Miami bass genre of hip hop music and has cited Celia Cruz and Willy Chirino as sources of inspiration for his music. Perez's parents separated when he was young, and he was raised by his mother. He later spent time with a foster family in Roswell, Georgia. He began rapping in high school and was inspired by NasThe Notorious B.I.G. and Big Pun.  At age 16, his mother kicked him out of their house after he became a drug dealer. He then graduated from Miami Coral Park High School and focused his career in rapping. After meeting Irv Gotti, Pitbull met Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew, who encouraged him to rap battle on radio. He expressed interest in the West coast and East coast genres later in life.
Pitbull explained the reason behind choosing his stage name, saying about the dog "they bite to lock. The dog is too stupid to lose. And they're outlawed in Dade County. They're basically everything that I am. It's been a constant fight." After meeting Lil Jon in Miami, Pitbull was featured on Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz' album Kings of Crunk in 2002. Pitbull's song "Oye" was featured on the soundtrack to the film 2 Fast 2 Furious the following year. In addition, Pitbull also released several mixtapes, composed of freestyles and remixes of popular rap music. Campbell featured Pitbull in his single "Lollipop"
Allison Stewart of The Washington Post and my buddy Rick Meza gave Planet Pit a favourable review writing, "His new disc, “Planet Pit,” dispenses with the idea that pop albums should consist of a few celebrity-packed singles topped off with filler. Every song here is a superstar/super-producer collaboration, every song a banger." and reffering to the album as "its own future Greatest Hits package." In his review for Us Magazine, Ian Drew gave the album three out of five stars and commented, "If you want a huge pop hit these days, get Pitbull to rap on it". He concluded, "So naturally, the Cuban MC, 30, calls in his own big A-list favors for his latest CD, comprised entirely of (what else?) pulsating club bangers." Robert Copsey of Digital Spy gave the album two out five stars, saying that "with another impressive rosta of guest vocalists and knob-twiddling boffsRick Meza of facebook says "Its So Whimsical" 


So as predicted by the awesome powers that be ME! This weekend, Green Lantern's light was more red than green, but the comic book adaptation still drew an estimated $52.7 million on approximately 7,200 screens at 3,816 locations. now i get it, he's sexy and hot, but not enough to carry a superhero flick in my eyes.
Green Lantern's start landed behind the awesome and entertaining X-Men: First Class's $55.1 million and Thor's $65.7 million. It was also less than The Incredible Hulk and the two Fantastic Four movies, and the attendance disparity was only greater. Green Lantern's estimated attendance was even lower than Daredevil and Ghost Rider. now that is a sad sad sad sad comparison, because Daredevil sucked butt! 
3D presentations at 2,711 locations accounted for 45 percent of Green Lantern's gross. The 3D share was close to Kung Fu Panda 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides but down from Thor's 60 percent. Distributor Warner Bros.' exit polling indicated that 64 percent of Green Lantern's audience was male and 63 percent was over 25 years old (19 percent was under 18).
In second place, (Go see it if you have not yet), Super 8 had a decent hold, retreating 40 percent to an estimated $21.3 million (it has a bullish projection for Father's Day) for a District 9-matching $72.8 million haul in ten days. Its percentage drop was much smaller than District 9, Battle: Los Angeles and Cloverfield among others and was on par with Knowing.
Mr. Popper's Penguins slid in to third with an estimated $18.2 million on around 4,200 screens at 3,339 locations. That was tepid for a Jim Carrey comedy or family vehicle and was in the same range as Surf's Up. Distributor 20th Century Fox's research showed that 56 percent of Mr. Popper's audience was female and 58 percent was under 25 years old.
X-Men: First Class ranked fourth with an estimated $11.5 million, which was the lowest-grossing third weekend yet for an X-Men movie. The reboot prequel's tally climbed to $119.9 million in 17 days, also the lowest of the series.
The Hangover Part II rounded out the Top Five with an estimated $9.6 million, off 45 percent for a $232.7 million tally in 25 days. It was followed by Kung Fu Panda 2, which was down a distressing 47 percent to an estimated $8.7 million for a $137.2 million total, also in 25 days.
Midnight in Paris saw the smallest decline among nationwide releases after a slight expansion. The Woody Allen comedy eased ten percent to an estimated $5.2 million, increasing its sum to $21.8 million in 31 days. While usually the best holder on a given weekend, Bridesmaids was the bridesmaid this time, though the comedy was down only 26 percent to an estimated $7.5 million for a stellar $136.8 million total in 38 days.
Meanwhile, The Art of Getting By didn't get by, making a mere estimated $700,000 in its debut at 610 locations.The Tree of Life expanded to 114 locations and made more, coming in at an estimated $1.1 million for a $3.85 million sum in 24 days, but it's no Midnight in Paris.

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I have CATARACTS and all i see is SEXY!

so i gotta say im addicted now as urban, electronic, rock and international music stream together into the same babbling whirlpool, music critics and industry hacks and along with some confused fans have struggled to classify things into increasingly weird categories: emo-rap, trap-hop, neo-electro-hyphy-clash. The kids making the music? Shit, they’re too busy pushing things forward to worry about those labels. so why do can  it? enjoy the fucking music. im sorry but music it sound, and i hate when music elitist say that DJs and producers of pop, have no skill. alot of thought and work goes into building the structure of a song. you dont need a guitar in hand, or a piano. yeah its more classic, but artist can paint with many different types of paint and brushes.
That’s the dynamic spirit of The Cataracs, a Berkeley-based duo who fuses musical genres into something uniquely of their own design. Their new mixtape project KIDS, presented by New York’s DJ Eleven, is a montage of their own electric fusion of sound, spotlighting the singles “Baby Baby (The Lover’s Anthem)” and “Murder She Wrote.” good songs check em out guys
The Cataracs are David Singer-Vine, 20, who performs as “Campa,” and Niles Hollowell-Dhar, 19, known as “Cyrano.” Fellow students at Berkeley High School, the pair originally became acquainted not as friends, but as sophomore rivals: after a CD featuring Campa’s rapping circulated their school, Cyrano penned a good-natured diss record in response. It was hardly a case of Tupac versus Biggie – the two quickly squashed the beef and eventually teamed up in 2003 to become The Cataracs (they say the name represents “seeing things differently”).
With both members sharing vocalist duties and Cyrano as the group’s sole producer, the pair demonstrated a knack for hybridizing bare-knuckled urban music with the dance-friendly sounds of electronic music and memorable melodies of pop. Unshackled by previous generations’ stigmas and biases towards the meshing of musical genres, the teenagers were free to trust their own instincts. Let’s call it the audacity of dope.
Citing influences as varied as Mac Dre, The Notorious B.I.G., The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen, The Cataracs pride themselves on being hard to pin down. Case in point: the warbling auto-tuned vocals and emotive synths of “Baby Baby (The Lover’s Anthem)” seem drawn from the genetic material of 80’s glam acts like A Flock of Seagulls, while the stuttering, distorted drums and raunchy lyrics of “Popsicle” could be the offspring of Simian Mobile Disco and Uncle Luke. Still, these divergent sounds are effectively cohesive when brought together by The Cataracs’ energy, sense of humor and undeniably entertaining chemistry.
In July of 2006, The Cataracs released Technohop Vol. 1 independently. And in the tradition of so many other Bay Area luminaries, they peddled copies directly from the car trunk – 2,000 units in three months. A month later, the single “Blueberry Afghani”—a hypnotic 808-backed treat featuring The Pack of “Vans” fame—was highlighted as 106 KMEL’s “Download of the Week” and soon made it to the station’s airwaves. The track went to earn critical acclaim from “The Fader,” “XLR8R,” and UK’s “Hip-Hop Connection” and landed a slot on the In School Suspension compilation.
In April of 2007, The Cataracs re-upped with Technohop Vol. 2. This album earned a spot on the ABC News website as their “Pick of the Day” and four out of five “slaps” from influential local authority “The Slap Report.” The lead single, “Casanova,” recorded over 350 spins on stations in the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest.
The Cataracs’ most polished effort to date was last January’s The 13th Grade. The project referenced the transition between high school and college, but it also marked a crossroads where the group’s sound (if not its exuberant lyrical content) reached artistic maturity.

The latest triumph for The Cataracs is KIDS,a mixtape orchestrated by DJ Eleven, a New York City trendsetter who plans to join the group on an upcoming multi-city tour. Thus far, The Cataracs have performed at events such as “Paid in Full 3: The Hella Fresh Fest” alongside notables including Clyde Carson, Traxamillion, and Zion-I.

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this was my favorite jam off "CELEBRITY"


Tracy Morgan said Friday that he was sorry for telling an audience in Nashville, Tenn., that if his son were gay, he would "pull out a knife and stab" him. i get it he's just being funny! how many times have you told a racist joke that didn't go over too well? comedians do it too, they make mistakes and say stuff they dont mean all the time, i think the gay community needs to stop being so sensitive and fuckin take a damn chill pill, or a muscle relaxer or snort that jungle juice lol
A Facebook account posted by an audience member said Morgan's stand-up performance was full of homophobic references. The Ryman issued its own apology afterward for Morgan's behavior.
The comedian and "30 Rock" actor apologized to his fans and the gay and lesbian community for what he called "my choice of words" during his June 3 appearance at the Ryman Auditorium.
Meanwhile, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation called on Morgan to remove anti-gay remarks from his show "and send a strong message that anti-gay violence is not something to joke about."The Human Rights Campaign said apologizing wasn't enough. The gay civil rights organization it said Morgan "now has a responsibility to make amends for his horribly hurtful and dangerous 'comedy' routine."In his statement, Morgan, who has three sons, denied being a hateful person and acknowledged that "even in a comedy club" what he said went too far "and was not funny in any context."
Morgan's outbursts triggered heated comment on Twitter, making him a "trending" topic Thursday and Friday.

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this is a segment where this guy i know "Angel" gives me an idea or post. THANKS ANGEL! see you at SUPER 8 THURSDAY @ midnight


David Fincher Gets Tatted

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is an English-language film adaptation of the 2005 novel of the same name by Stieg Larsson. The film is the 2nd adaptation, the first being the 2009 Swedish-language film. The English-language film is directed by my favorite director David Fincher based on an adapted screenplay by Steven Zaillian. In early 2010, producer Scott Rudin began developing the project under Columbia Pictures, and by April, David Fincher was attached as director.
Shooting began in Stockholm, Sweden in September 2010. It moved to Zurich, Switzerland in early December 2010, before breaking for Christmas. Production will resume at the Sony Studios and Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, before returning to Sweden in the spring. In May of 2011, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer became a co-financier, putting up 20% of the film's budget, and getting some international TV rights.Jeff Cronenweth replaced original cinematographer Fredrik Bäckar after eight weeks.
On May 28, 2011, a short red band trailer for the film leaked online, but was later taken down by Sony. It featured a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" performed by Trent Reznor and Karen O. However, some have speculated that this was part of an elaborate advertising stunt by Sony; as the quality of both sound and picture was just too good to be that of a handycam recording, as well as the trailer bearing the MPAA R-rated red-card exclusive to previews in America, despite supposedly being filmed in an Eastern-European cinema.
  • Daniel Craig as Mikael Blomkvist
  • Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander
  • Robin Wright as Erika Berger
  • Stellan Skarsgård as Martin Vanger
  • Christopher Plummer as Henrik Vanger
  • Geraldine James as Cecilia Vanger
  • Joely Richardson as Anita Vanger
  • Joel Kinnaman as Christer Malm
  • Yorick van Wageningen as Nils Bjurman
  • Goran Visnjic as Dragan Armansky
  • Alexandra Daddario as Harriet Vanger
  • Peter Carlberg
  • Steven Berkoff
  • David Dencik
  • Moa Garpendal as young Harriet Vanger
  • Julian Sands as Young Henrik Vanger
Daniel Craig was cast as Blomkvist in July of 2010 with options to reprise the role in the next two films. In the following August, Mara was cast as Salander. Although the role had drawn the attention of many actresses, some eventually withdrew their names from consideration due to the time commitment and low pay.