Thursday, June 23, 2011


So Lets get right to bizzness and "Listen" to the woman that runs the world, and her new album, no i know this album has gotten not that amazing early reviews, and there was even a rumor that it was gonna be postponed, and Jay-Z was gonna re-format the whole thing, but i have the album in hand, and I'm about to give you my opinion. so first track up is 1+1 nice guitar playing, nice and mellow, with an old school drawl. I'm a fan of this track more than when i heard the leaked version. its a powerful love song. and lets face it, Beyonce sings some good ballads. i dig it. Next up is "I Miss You" It has a funky electonica beat to start, something you would never expect from her, and then drums start, the lyrics are great on this one. "I told you how you hurt me, but you don't care, now im crying and deserted, but you don't care! ain't nobody tell me this is love, but your immune to all my pain!" the chorus is the weakest part of the song, which is interesting to me. something is missing for me at first listen, but I'm sure this song will sing to me when I'm more angry or remembering a bad break-up. "I Miss You" is the next interesting sound, very different direction than i expected. I'm glad its different, cause i never thought it would sound like this from hearing "RUN THE WORLD" the beat on this one is simple, very garage band esque. "BEST THING I NEVER HAD" This song is very back to the roots of "B" its as if "Irreplaceable" & "Take A Bow" had a musical child. i like it, it works, "PARTY" (featuring Andre 3000 & Kanye West) this song is very retro, i think its a Boyz ll Men sample, i could be wrong. its a great throwback 90s song. i dig it. a little boring. "Rather Die Young" interesting beat and song structure, so far for a "Beyonce" album, it hasn't hooked me the way i had thought, but I'm appreciating the artistic expression. "Start Over" is the "my relationship is falling apart" song i like it a lot, again very different for her. "Love On Top" is cute and funky again she went back to the future on this one totally 80s r&b lol so fun. it takes an while to see what she was doing with this album. "COUNTDOWN" THIS IS MY JAM, DEFINITELY THE DREAM TOUCHED THIS ONE. ITS MY FAVORITE ON THE ALBUM, DAMN THE BEAT IS BOMB! "End Of Time" very weird drumbeat and intro, with some chant, 90s funky bass, this is a very weird departure from the first part of the album, I'm afraid this is gonna be the "b" album of her career. i do like the rap runs in this song though. they are fast and fun. this song will grow on me. "I Was Here" sounds like a Clint Eastwood soundtrack, its another ballad its pretty yadda yadda yadda, I'm kind of over the album now. and next is "RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS) my drunk song of the year, i hate it as a song for a car or radio, but in the club druuuunk! its the best thing that can happen to you.

So i would give the album a shot but only is you can borrow it from some crazy die-hard fan that was dumb enough to buy it, and thats about it

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  1. So I went to and bought the album. it isnt exactly her best work, but I am seriously loving "Best Thing I Never Had" "COUNTDOWN" and "End Of Time".

    I got all 3 on repeat! COUNTDOWN is HOT HOT HOT!