Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Super 8 Is Super Great

Every once in a while, there comes along a movie that i go crazy over, last year it was inception, a few years back THERE WILL BE BLOOD, and this year its SUPER 8, i know it has mixed reactions, and i know it has some weak points, but i think what people fail to see nowadays in a world of critisism and negativity, is what good is in things, and the point of a film like this is to take you away on an adventure. its not about the CGI and the "Monster" we all learned that from LOST!, its about the message and story, i know i know! whats that? there arent "stories" in film anymore! its all explosions and robots taking over the world, and pirates saying dumb one liners! and shock humor!but there are little gems out there, and if you just relax and enjoy them, they will fill up a part of your memory for years to come.

Now i wanna get  to talking about the film, so if you have not seen it. i suggest you do not read on. Now i love the way J.J. starts off the film, its not in your face, the character build up is sublte, the "days from last incident" sign being reset to "1" the way he sets up this story is so classicly done, and so intriguing, it holds me right away. the cast of the kids, is reminicent of that of "goonies" and "stand by me" the comic relief, but it was also the chemisty of the kids, some of the lines didnt need to be there but the reactions and the way they were said, were so damn natural, i felt like i was hanging out with my friends when i was 10, and 12, it just worked for me. the young love moments between, Elle Fanning & Joel Courtney were so cute and real, they make you smile. the action and drama remind me of "E.T" and "Close Encounters" i was just truly suprised at the nasalgic boom of this film, and once again Michael Giacchino, you rock another soundtrack, because i was amazed!

All i have to say is Bravo! and Thank you J.J. abrams, i had a great time and i was entertained emensely 

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