Monday, May 23, 2011


I used to appreciate this bitch, and her sound and her clever lyrics, but now it just seems she is becoming what i thought she would never be, its not that she is not "talented" i know all you hardcore "MONSTERS" are die-hard fans and she can never do wrong, but she has turned into a gimmick to me, and a pop sales whore. shes all about the numbers. but all aside I'm gonna listen to her album and be honest like i have done in the past with my other album reviews. So "BORN THIS WAY" starts off with "MARRY THE NIGHT" i have had this track for about a week, and lemme say its probably my second favorite track, i play it while i jog at the gym, it gets me pumped. i dig it and jam to it frequently. The next is the first single "BORN THIS WAY" now i get it, all you trannys and queens, love this damn song, it makes you feel loved, yadda yadda yadda, I'm not a fuckin tranny so i hate it, and it just feels like a Madonna rip-off, now the video, now that's another story, i like it, seems like she had fun, and that's kind of a side to gaga I'm not used to seeing. so bravo on the video, and boo on the composition of the actual track, i liked the song better when it was called "express yourself" onto the next track "GOVERNMENT HOOKER" its a fun little catchy tune, and I'm kinda smiling, i hate this bitch! haha although i don't get the title, which makes me think its all about shock-value. its very 80rock and slick. good job. "JUDAS" is next, JUDA! Ju Da AH AH! now this song is super addictive and catchy, i still think i hate this song, but i find myself involuntarily singing it. she is a master of gettin in ur head. i still when i hear this, miss the old "THE FAME" gaga, but I'm very glad she took a chance with this album. "AMERICANO" this seems to be a weird lesbian Gaga fantasy ride, its talented Mr. Ripley meets "Nine" im not a fan, its a little over the top, but good Italian hooker bitch! "HAIR" is up next, and I'm skipping it, i don't have hair, that's all. "SCHIBE" is next and its smart because she is marketing to another country, and if ur trying to go worldwide, why not when Germany's heart? its fuckin fun, its very Euro-pop and I'm feelin it. might be my third favorite on the album, its starting to sound like this damn skinny white bitch has won me over lol ugh! "BlOODY MARRY" this is what I'm talking about, this intro is what music should be, Fun, and weird, break the barrier people!!! BRAVO BRAVO this set up is great. the chorus is a little too much but the beat is siiiiick! good job woman. "BLACK JESUS + AMEN FASHION" basically this is a remix of "BORN THIS WAY" bored, and moving on. "BAD KIDS" Its Okay its one of those songs where i feel like she tries to connect with people that she has no idea what they are going through, but more power to ya, you are a marketing genius, and BTW guys and gals, listen to the band "GOSSIP" and see how original this song is, she ripped this song off hardcore. "Fashion Of His LOVE" another Madonna rip-off whoooo hooo, man she almost had me loving this whole album, but i do love the 80's Whitney Houston beat, ohhhhhh i wanna dance with somebody!!!!!! "HIGHWAY UNICORN (road to love)" is fantastic! this one is fun and stupid all at once "HEAVY METAL LOVER" follows and hits hard, its mixed well and has a good flow. "ELECTRIC CHAPEL" if feel like this could have gone to Kylie Minogue, but its good and sexy, by this time i want the album to be over lol its so electric I'm in shock. the next song is "THE QUEEN" its like Christmas and and glee! this is a good song, I'm diggin this track alot. "YOU AND I" kinda like Brown eyes and Speechless smashed together and made a new old song! "EDGE OF GLORY" ends the album greatly, i love this one its my favorite, its amazing and sexy, light and airy. the album is fairly good, a little too much in one direction, but its not a step backwards like i thought, if you hate gaga like i do, u don't have to like the device, but the product that comes out, is pretty damn talented, give "BORN THIS WAY" a chance, it will grow on you. 

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