Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So being the super mega geek i am. its no surprise that I'm super-stoked about the up coming TEAM BONDI/ROCKSTAR video game L.A. NOIRE, i have not been this juiced about a game in ages, well i get juiced quarterly about games so i guess that's a lie. but I'm a huge fan of WWII movies and the 40s and 50s so this game is kinda right up my alley. The game takes place in post-war 1940s Los Angeles, a city of glamour, fame and wealth, so it kinda has a glimpse of what Hollywood wanted to be, but also where crime, vice corruption is rife. The player assumes the role of Cole Phelps, an LAPD officer who rises through the ranks of the department. He has joined the police force to "right the wrongs" he committed during the Second World War. He starts off as a patrol-man, then a traffic detective, homicide, vice, and finally arson investigator. Each rank gives the player a partner who will help Phelps in his investigations, fights, and arrests. The game blends investigative elements such as mystery, and crime solving, with fast paced action sequences from chases on foot to car, as well as gun-play. As well as the storyline missions, the player can choose to work on optional side-investigations following a call from dispatch. The player can also travel on foot, as well as in different vehicles. its finally a grand theft auto for me!!! 


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