Tuesday, May 10, 2011

GET To Know Your Pornstars!

François Sagat (born June 5, 1979) he is a French male pornographic actor who has appeared in gay pornographic movies. He is best known for his rugged looks and scalp tattoo. He has also appeared at times as a fashion model and starting 2009, he also landed on cinematic roles in films for the general public including Saw VI and lead roles in L.A. Zombie and Homme au bainFrançois Sagat was born in Cognac, in the south-west of France to French parents of Slovak origins. Sagat moved to Paris at the age of eighteen, hoping to work in the fashion industry. Since childhood, Sagat had been fascinated by fashion and passionate about drawing. After studying fashion for two years in Paris and working briefly as an assistant in various fashion houses, Sagat left the profession. He felt that he had not been given the opportunities he deserved, and has claimed that it actually cost him money to work in the fashion industry, since he was often not paid for his work. He did photographic work for several French companies, but felt he was poorly treated and put his career in front of the camera on hold. At the age of twenty-five, François Sagat was contacted by a French pornographic studio called Citébeur. He accepted their offer and, a few weeks later, performed in his first adult film under the screen name Azzedine. It became an instant success, and Sagat decided to seek a full time job in the porn industry. After several films with Citébeur, he was invited to move to the USA and, there, shot his first scene for the porn film Arabesque by Raging Stallion Studios  reverting to his birth name François Sagat from the screen name Azzedine used with Citebeur. He stayed with Raging Stallion Studios for 2005-2006 before becoming an exclusive porn star at Titan Media doing films for TitanMen series 2007 on. Briefly retiring from the adult industry, he staged his comeback in late 2008 and has recently appeared in the TitanMen video, Full Access, in a scene with fellow porn star Matthew Rush.

As a pornographic actor, he was both top and bottom and also performed BDSM. Although known primarily for his gay movies, he has also appeared in a few bisexual scene, most notably in the film Gay Arab Club.

François Sagat is well known for his distinctive scalp tattoo. In a recent interview he explained that his hair began to thin out a few years ago and he felt that his head was too long and disproportional. In order to make his cranium appear more symmetrical, he decided to get a tattoo that gave the illusion of a hairy scalp. He also added perpendicular lines in appreciation of hip hop style. He has another, equally distinctive tattoo: a combination of a sickle moon and star reminiscent of flags on some Arab country flags. He explained that he loves Arab men and that the tattoo is his tribute to those people and to the cultures he admires and respects. He has a third tattoo, on his left arm which is his surname in Greek letters ΣΑΓΑΤ (read SAGAT). Dildos made from an exact molding of Sagat's male sexual organ with realistic veins, cock head and foreskin were marketed.

Sagat is very much involved in fashion. When German designer Bernhard Willhelm launched his first ever official collection during Paris Fashion Week, he chose François Sagat for promoting the event and his line of men's wear. This turned into a series François Sagat Classics wear. Selected photographs of Bernhard Willhelm / François Sagat collaboration and inspired by work of Peter Berlin also appeared as calendars. The series was photographed by Lukas Wassmann Sagat has also worked with the French fashion label Fade. Sagat is also known as a gifted erotic drawer and draftsman.

Sagat also keeps an active blog, where he often explores his creativity in diverse and intimate ways, showing in addition to promotional materials, many of his personal art work, intimate looks into his personal life, video takes on various topics and even personal renditions of favorite lyrics from chosen songs.
Sagat is also very much involved in public awareness campaigns. In 2009, with the initiative of French gay site Yagg.com and "Institut national de prévention et d'éducation pour la santé" (INPES), Sagat made an advertisement entitled Je mets une capote et du gel that was first broadcast on the World AIDS Day, and where he appears nude showing a simple way of using condom and gel.

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