Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I Think About Peter Parker/Garfield

So Lemme be the first to say, I LOVE Andrew Garfield, Im super duper stoked, that he is the next Peter Parker in the new SPIDER-MAN Reboot. i had never really seen anything he was in other than the Social Network, Last year. But i enjoyed every bit of his acting. he just seems a better fit, because lemme also be the first to say, i think Tobey Macguire is a super creep, he looks like a child molester with down syndrome, he just creeps me out thoroughly. so I'm happy to say, Tobey threw in his nasty crust-ass towel. oh and on the PLUS. Emma Stone is the new Gwen Stacie! woot woot! more on Emma later. cause that bitch is my second wife, after Mila Kunis. 

here are some cute behind the scenes photos of Garfield and Stone On set. 

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