Monday, March 21, 2011

Help! Im in LIMBO!!!

If you have XBOXlive and you have not purchased the amazing "XBOX ARCADE" game "LIMBO" then i suggest you do immediately, because you are fuckin missing out! like most platform puzzle games, Limbo isn’t going to make you laugh, giggle or slap ur knee at the crazy cartoon antics, unless you have a slightly dark sense of humour, which on my end i do, but even with my slightly dark off-beat sense of humor, i had a few jaw-dropped moments while playing. The official summary of the game is “Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters LIMBO”. Like that austere and sparse description, the game world is full of empty space, leaving a lot of room for the player to imagine the world behind the game, rendered in what can be described as a beautifully layered charcoal sketch, with a silent film era grain. its a figure-it-out-on-ur-own approach, very cut and dry. As the boy, you make your way to the heart of the matter, and to get there, you have to overcome a series of logic puzzles (some took me several minutes to decipher) and enemies. The developer, Playdead, doesn’t hammer you over the head with a story. Instead, it unfolds slowly as you make your way through the various sections of Limbo, from industrial wastelands to shadowy forests. As you progress through the game, there’s an almost hypnotic, dream like quality to the whole world, as you’re immersed completely in it.

So if your in the mood for a five-star rated game i suggest LIMBO. its great. take a gander at the game trailer