Thursday, March 24, 2011


So I Guess There is trouble in Oz and Dorothy A.K.A. (Lea Michelle) is needed!  With Glinda’s help, she and Toto return to Oz.  Joined by her old friends the Scarecrow(Dan Aykroyd), the Tin Woodman(Kelsey Grammer), the Lion(Jim Belushi) as well as exciting new characters, Dorothy sets out on a perilous journey to stop the crafty Jester(Martin Short) from using the power of the Wicked Witch of the West’s wand to turn the people of Oz into puppets.  That seems to be the least of Dorothy’s problems as her travels lead her straight into a treacherous maze, a cave full of very hungry dragons and an evil spell that could destroy the Yellow Brick Road.  Dorothy has the daunting knowledge that it is up to her to stop Jester’s terrible plan.  Audiences will welcome the return of the old Oz favorites and will love meeting new friends like Tugg a gruff a talking boat and Wiser(Oliver Platt) the owl with an unlucky attraction to molasses. Written in the whimsical style of L. Frank Baum, “Dorothy of Oz” is sure to delight Oz fans old and new as they journey once again into the magical land of OZ.

  • Lea Michele as Dorothy Gale
  • Dan Aykroyd as The Scarecrow
  • James Belushi as The Cowardly Lion
  • Hugh Dancy as Marshall Mallow
  • Kelsey Grammer as The Tin Man
  • Megan Hilty as China Princess
  • Oliver Platt as Wiser the Owl
  • Martin Short as The Jester
  • Patrick Stewart as Tugg
  • Michael Krawic as Uncle Henry
  • Tacey Adams as Aunt Em
  • Ayana Haviv as Handmaiden
  • Pete Sepenuk as Papa Tree
  • William Dao as Crow #1
  • Nora Duffy as Crow #2
  • Lily Borris as Crow #3
  • Dave Rappelle as Munchkin Leader
  • Cassidy Mackenzies as Munchkin #1
  • Robert Nathaniel Bouchard as Munchkin #2

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