Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm no angel, nor do i think all celebrities NEED to be perfect, in fact, i am a believer that people are human, we make mistakes, we all do. i am the first to admit when I'm an asshole and i do something wrong. but man, Christopher Brown has taken the cake, so much cake in fact, he is starting to look like one of those chicks with a muffin top wearing a mid drift. he is just starting to look like an attention seeking spoiled brat. his PR is obviously now the only reason he apologizes for anything. you smack my girl Rihanna, you show pictures of ur dick (disappointing) and now ur gettin crazy on GOOD MORNING AMERICA? LMFAO fool, you done did it! and on the day ur album comes out? lol mother fucker you have lost a fan. you bore me, ur actions are so obviously a cry for attention, i now see you as a joke. ur status is low, ur covers been blown. but RIHANNA is bomb! get her album LOUD, in stores now ;)

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