Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Femme Fantastic

So get this, I'm not the biggest Britney Spears fan, and I'm not gonna say i never listened to her before, cause that would just be a flat-out lie, so I'll say i go back-and-forth in love with this girl, now i had never bought an album til BLACKOUT, which in my opinion, until today, was my favorite album by her. FEMME FATALE, is a fantastic, exploration into the music world, its what artist that have been around for a while should do, Britney for the first time to me, sounds like she had genuine fun, and took a chance. the beats are funky, electronic, club beats that make you excited to hear them on the dance floor.  Femme Fatale is the seventh studio album by Britney and was recorded between 2009 and 2011, with frequent collaborators with Max Martin and Dr. Luke serving as the project's executive producers. "Hold It Against Me" which is not my favorite song unless covered by youtube artists, was released as the lead single from the album,  that song, although i do not know how, peaked atop of the charts in seven countries, including the United States and Canada. The album's second single, "Till the World Ends", premiered on March 4, 2011 on Ryan Seacrest's radio show and was released the same day. Upon release, Femme Fatale was well-received by most music critics. 

"I've poured my heart and soul into this album over the last 2 years. I've put everything I have into it. This album is for you, my fans, who have always supported me and have stuck by me every step of the way! I love you all! Sexy and Strong. Dangerous yet mysterious. Cool yet confident! FEMME FATALE."

So we all Have heard tracks 1 & 2 So yadda yadda they are hot, track 3hree "INSIDE OUT" was the third song i had heard, and I love it, its about hookin up with someone you are trying to break up with, but before we do, lets get nasty!!! buy this track blindfolded. The next track is "I WANNA GO" on this track i dug the whistle, it reminded me of young folks, its a good fist pump song, if ur into that kinda thing lol. its not my favorite, but 80x's better than any "CIRCUS" song. Track 5 is "How I Roll" its odd weird, off beat, and fucking great, its fun, i love it, id be Britney's Thug for this track. (DROP DEAD) Beautiful is the following track, its.......autotunerific, its kinda cute, probably gonna be a future skip song, but i can also see myself wanting to just listen to this song randomly, and i  love the rap by Sabi, who is an LA based Rapper, look out for her peeps, shes gonna be hot. "Seal It With A Kiss" is the next, the intro is hot, the vocals sound like shes in a tunnel, which i like, I'm just happy she took these different approaches to her songs, i like this song, the next is "Big Fat Bass" by Will.I.Am. I'm kinda over him, and his tracks, i think he is a great producer, but so far i think this song is one of the weakest, its just blah to me. "Trouble For Me" has a great hook and beat, "Trip To Your Heart" starts off skipping, and then slips into a nice ambient flow, i dig this alot, i likey!!!! "Gasoline" terrible lyrics lol but i like the execution, you just have to have fun with this one, when ur drunk and wasted in the club the "ur settin me on fire!" lyric will be amazing lol "Criminal" just should have not been created, that flute is whack! lol but all experiments don't work out, onto the next song lol cause this one is painful, "Up N'Down" now im not sure why its not called Down N Up, but i love this beat and formula to this track. she even has a tiny Blackout reference if you catch it ur a fan for sure. "He About To Lose Me" is the next, mid tempo its alright, skipable, "Selfish" kinda feels like a filler, but if ur falling into a sleep, you will be awakened by the powerhouse bass track "Don't Keep Me Waiting" it kinda has a Kelly Clarkson Feel, i like it, and i was sure the album had lost its ammunition. good revival and track placing! impressed again. good end to the album. i give it 4out of 5 babbleheads lol

So I give the album a pass, and the tracks: Till The World Ends, Inside Out, How I Roll, Trip To Your Heart, Up n' Down & Don't keep me waiting The BSOA (Babble Stamp Of Approval) 

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  1. eh! i think the album is fun... but i don't agree that she "took a chance" on this. it's typical dance pop, the same stuff that's been flooding the radio for years. it's a decent album, but i wouldn't give her points for taking any risks or pushing her own boundaries at all.


  2. pop is pop, and its always gonna sound like the norm, but i don't recall Britney ever making a fist pumping song in 1995, she is goin into a different area, and either you are fan or ur not, it is a chance, i mean what else can she do? go country? lol don't be so hard on the pop princess.

  3. what different area did she go though??? and i don't like the idea that if youre a fan you have to love everything they give to you. i love Beyonce but if i don't like a song she puts out i'm not gonna force myself to love it just because i'm a fan. fans should be able to be critical as well.

  4. like what you like. dont like what you dont like. more power to ya

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