Monday, August 23, 2010

Katy Perry: Teenage Dream is NOT a nightmare!

So I had The pleasure of listening all week to Teenage Day Dream, and even making my close friends listen to it as well. Now i have to say I'm not into waking up in Vegas, and I'm not too into kissing girls anymore, so her first album was not that amazing to me. it was catchy, it was cute, a little sexy, but nothing really grasped me the first time around. But TEENAGE DREAM the sophomore album from Santa Barbara's Sweetheart Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson AKA Katy Perry is actually a pleasant mix of sounds and lyrics. its not deep or profound, but its definitely a new direction i feel. The First track, TEENAGE DREAM is kind of a dirtier version of a Taylor Swift song. :You think I'm pretty, without any make-up on" I'm sure that's what every "teenage" girl wishes her man would be. i didn't like this track when i heard it as a solo track on the radio, but as the intro to this album, it kicks off the journey of this 12 track album surprisingly well. the second track, (probably my favorite) LAST FRIDAY NIGHT [T.G.I.F.] has a great start with lyrics like "I smell like a minibar" and "this a hickey or a bruise?" it makes this track about passing out at a crazy party the perfect female HANGOVER anthem. it even has a sexy-cool saxophone solo for ya at the end. CALIFORNIA GURLS feat SNOOP DOG is a pretty catchy tune, and I'm not gonna talk about it because you all have heard it. BUT Representatives for the Beach Boys are threatening to sue Perry for including the classic line "I wish they all could be California girls" in her tune. The line is lifted from the Boys' 1965 rock classic "California Girls," and the paper reported that publishing reps at the Boys' Rondor Music have sent a letter to Perry's label demanding that the original song's writers, Mike Love and Brian Wilson, be given a writing credit on "Gurls" as well as a share of royalties. i think that's kinda lame, but oh well, i guess when ur all washed up, you will go after all you can get. FIREWORK is the 4th track on the album, and i dig this one alot, its very Kelly Clarkson-ish it has that "since you've been gone" guitar riff and jump-up-and-down potential. PEACOCK track 5 is, im calling it now for future bragging rights, the new gay anthem, i can already see DJ's in WEHO fading out the PEA in a remix to leave the remaining left to repeat in our ears continuously. its a fun dirty little track, not sure it will get much airplay on the radio, but the clubs are sure to blast it for a dead crowd boost. CIRCLE THE DRAIN is the next track, and this is a great song about someone in a relationship with a broken person on drugs and being fed up with bullshit, it's Katy's Alanis song. "wanna be ur lover, not ur fuckin mother" i like this one alot, great electronic synths in this one. THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY is a reminiscent look on a relationship that is no longer, boo hoo not a huge fan of this one it kinda bombs here, but then quickly recovered by E.T. no, not the beer drinking Reese's pieces eating extra terrestrial, or is it? this is the song she seems to be either singing to someone that is so awesome they are out of this world, or she is singing to a freaky alien from m. night shyamalan's movie 'signs". "your touch, magnetizing, feel like i am floating, leaves my body glowing" WHAT I AM LIVING FOR & PEARL are great tracks as well. HUMMINGBIRD HEARTBEAT is a little reprise to TEENAGE DREAM in my opinion, its a continuation. and NOT LIKE THE MOVIES the last track is a great song, it made me appreciate her writing, and the piano touch is a perfect ballad cap for a teenage dream and a fun summer end album. i would buy the album, not just because i liked most of the songs, but because the fucking album is scented like COTTON-FUCKIN-CANDY!!!!!!!!

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