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So Its 6pm on Wednesday August 18th 2010 and I'm about to have a Q&A session with the quite fabulous group, "TheQLUTCHproject" i have sampled some of the beats and I'm kind of in love with they're sound, and the chemistry of the group just looks like a blast. So read ahead cause its a pretty kick ass read.

Bayley: so first question, How Did You Form "The QlutchProject"?

QLUTCHwelllllll... theQLUTCHproject started as a musical tribe. We made our first music video here in Van City then rocked a festival called soundwave just before heading out to attack Asia and Indonesia for the next year. We gigg'd and sess'd out there and then returned home to find that our first vid (a trip-hoppy progressive experience of sorts) was kickin it on Air Canada Overseas flights. Once we'd touched down the crew that we'd worked with on that said that we had to do another music vid asap so along came Sexy Pie the visual. I'd written the song in Tokyo, recorded it in Bali, re recorded it minutes before a radio show in Tokyo then did some revisions in Van City (needless to say we may not be able to reproduce that exact sound in a jiffy). We hit video production land again HARD

I Bethany am also an actor so I had to take a minor hiatus to do a film with Sook-Yin Lee called 'Year of the Carnivore' where I played an Indie Rock singer, Lead for the band No Fun. After red carpeting at TIFF and other festivals the band question came up so much that we elected to take the time to hit the studio again and pump out new material.

In December of last year, Yuto a musical engineer came over to van-city from Japan. He was the one who remixed sexy pie. Bethany had a Christmas party for her agency coming up that was in a vampire theme. After sorting through tons of different songs yuto had created we came across one about vampires. we decided to redo the song and perform it at the party. With that - we needed a name. 

Looking up different names for vampires we came across the name clutch.

Clutch formed in the clutch with a q because it looks better and it's the first letter in amazing words like Queen. and the project was added on as well. 

We transformed our living room into a studio and got to Qlutchin' like EVERYTHING

BayleyWho Are The Members Of TheQlutchProject"?

Qlutch:DJ - Alex Joy


CONSULTING PRODUCER/WRITER/LEAD SINGER - Miyah Lauren                                              ASSOCIATED PRODUCERS - Yuto Nagayama & Parlange Jesus, Alex Joy also rocks some production too

BayleySo "SEXY PIE" Explain The Idea And thought process behind it. BTW the video looks spectacular!!!!

QLUTCH:Thanks sooo much!

thought process... ummmm too much umeshu in Tokyo. I, Bethany, started dancing around saying 'do you mind if I push out my hip and pout my lower lip?' And I pointed at my heels laughing gleefully 'Nope, I wont trip with this 6 inch stiletto grip'. Thus the birth of the pumpiness

BayleyWhat Inspired "Leather Studs & Fur"? Its kind of spectacular.

QlutchLeather, Studs and Fur is SOOO HOT this season. Hahahaha well, it was when we wrote it. Back in December our wardrobe was super inspired by Leather, Studs and Fur and that's all we were working with. I.e., we'd grab vint leather pants and cut em up into like vests and QLUTCHez (I walked that Qlutch down the red carpet at TIFF). We also wore Vint Fur coats (only vint cause like killing animals isn't really that cool) and just loved pairing it all with some studded hardward. The track really takes a tongue n cheek look at the distances people will go to look hot and fashionable.

'pretty pennies I will spend, I want more gimme more, I want more' 

Fashion is exploration, Music is also a sensory experience and exploration - we love finding synthesis; the Fashion/Art/Music fusion.

QLUTCH: oh... umeshu is plum wine. It's brilliant.

Bayley: Oh thanks for that explaination, i was wondering what that liquid inspiration was you were drinking. So what is your favorite City, and Why?

QLUTCHVancouver to live
Tokyo to work and shop
Bali for R&R
Phuket or Sydney to party? Depends on the kinda RUKUS you want to get into *laughs (we're loling our As O)

Bayleylol i went sooooooo damn broke in Tokyo lol phuket is a place i definitely wanna visit.

QLUTCH:You can spend WAY too much in Tokyo, but ask around and you'll find really economical ways to totally enjoy yourself there, Miyah can def show you around Phuket.

BayleyDo Any Of You Play Video Games? And if so, what video games

QLUTCHBRICKBREAKER Champions. Addicts. But like Champion addicts not about to give up a good thing.

Miyah JUST REVEALED for the first time blushing her butt off that she used to play HALO
'I can see your halooooo,,, haaaalllloooooo'- Beyonce said it best (Bethany was singin that)

Bayley: Awesome!!!! Mad Props Miyah, my geekboy heart has a crush on you now! lol, oh and Brickbreaker is pretty damn Badass Btw, i have a cool version of that on my PS3 while my favorite music plays

QLUTCHwow. That is badass.


QLUTCHmiyah's phobia is RODENTS. anything furry small and with a skinny little tail that wiggles around... and drags through gunk crap EVERYWHERE. Whenever anyone freaks out about anything, for example: teen pregnancy, first thing that comes to mind RATS!!!

Bethany's phobia is worms and frogs. They're gross and try to get in your mouth. Ew. I can't talk about it cause it's gross.

Alex is in Bali right now and so far I can say, on his behalf, that he is afraid of ... NOTHING!

Bayley: I'm deathly afraid of needles, clowns, and squirrels lol hate them, i was attacked on a camping trip, when i was 11, they wanted my nuts!

Bayley: What is a Favorite Moment on stage, or at an event?

QLUTCHohhh goodness... there have been so many cool moments. A few breath takingly cool ones when shooting the videos because seeing everyone do what they do at the top of their game and watching it all come together is pretty darn rad.
Miyah - the moment you step on stage in front of everyone after you've worked sooo super hard and they start screaming. And jumping. And screaming. And throwing stuff and themselves. And screaming - The whole way through the set.

Bethany - There was this one chick that kept jumping on stage in Bali, the security ripped her down a few times and then had to escort her out of the building. Somehow she found her way back up there with me and gave it like no bodies business. That was inspiring.

Bayley: i live for those moments, because you realize that ur work has touched someone in some way, its so exciting!!!

QLUTCH: Exhilarating 

Bayley: What color underwear are you wearing right now? 

QLUTCH:  omgosh - (Bethany) my rock villain hot pink boy briefs with light pink and white trim. They have a white tape on the front with crossbones underneath. They're kinda good luck so I have 2 pairs now. 

Miyah - Turquoise and Navy striped super cute sailor undies 
; )

naughty naughty boy!

Bayley: well!! it tells a lot about a person, I'm wearing jetsons undies

QLUTCHstriped not stripped because that would mean i didn't have any on at all !

Bayley: True!

QLUTCHJEALOUS! i love them jetsons! Makes you pretttttttty super!

QLUTCHRogue status wanted me to mention his name. Sooo... Rogue Status hey?

BayleyI have a huge crush on Rogue status lol he is quite an amazing guy!

QLUTCHhe's quite the guy. He taught us a few dance moves..... Bethany is pretty darn good at one of them. hands pressed against the wall and a shakity shake shake shakity SHAKKKKKKIN what her momma gave her.

BayleyIf You could collaborate with any artist alive today, who would it be?

QLUTCHCyndi Lauper. She's sooo timeless it's ridiculous.

Bayley: What Is your most played song on your ITUNES?

QLUTCH: we've got 2 tied
Bulletproof by La Roux and Can You Tell by Ra Ra Riot we always sing harmonies to Ra Ra Riotwe're doing it right now.

Bayley: i love La Roux, Mine was Violence by Blink 182, lol wow!

and the last question, who is your favorite Disney Character?

QLUTCH: Bethany - Zazu from the lion king
Miyah - Sebastian from the little mermaid

Bayley: Stitch: Lilo&stitch 

QLUTCH: Thanks sooo much for the chats bro. GTs

Bayley: for sure i laughed alot! you guys rock! keep it up. you are great at what you do! thanks again!

QLUTCH: big hugs! Peace. Love and all things Disco

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