Monday, August 16, 2010

Twitter: Addictive as FUCK!

Twitter is my favorite thing to do, to pass time, I'm on the bus, I'm at a burger joint, or I'm having sex, somewhere, my iPhone is in hand and I'm on TWITTERPHON posting my latest thought and whereabouts. Its funny because i remember my best friend @phrankiesays about 2 years ago raving and ranting about this damn website (before the apps) and i thought he was completely insane. "you are posting pretty much a facebook update?" man i just did not get it. now 6,671 tweets later and 843 followers later, I'm on there everyday, while at work, at the airport, at the club, @ the gym, twit-pixing and sometime on the pot. but its also a great way to vent, or hype up a movie. everybody remembers me talking about #inception for a week straight. and when I was feeling sad, your followers become a great support system oddly, it may sound or pathetic, but i have gone through some crazy shit, and sad moments, and my followers have most of the time been that source of love that brought that smile to my face. i have met a few tweeters, some great, some not so greatbut life is life, people are people, but the fact is TWITTER is a kick ass invention and idea. oh yeah follow me if u are not already. @bayjock tweet ya soon


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