Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Im actually quite excited for Lady GaGa's music video "Telephone" featuring stunning Beyonce. To be honest I was not always a big fan, and to this day would not say im a "Monster" but i do appreciate what i have grown to know about Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Stefani Germanotta was born on March 28, 1986, as the eldest child to Italian American parents Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta, in New York City. Playing piano by ear from the age of 4, she went on to write her first piano ballad at 13 and began performing at open mic nights by age 14. At age 11, the singer was set to join Juilliard School in Manhattan but instead attended Convent of the Sacred Heart, a private Roman Catholic school. She described herself in high school as "very dedicated, very studious, very disciplined" but also "a bit insecure"  "used to get made fun of for being either too provocative or too eccentric, so I started to tone it down. I didn’t fit in, and I felt like a freak."

it really wasn't until i had read a brief history of her that i began to respect her, and eventually swallow my Aries pride, and buy "The FAME" i popped it in, and began to listen to a fairly catchy album and some really good beats. and yes it is pop music, so what! knowing that she has skills in instruments and can write her own songs, gave me peace of mind to delve back into the Haus of GAGA time and time again.


  1. hey. yeah i can't wait for the EVENT that is the "Telephone" video either.
    and i'm with you, i was trying to resist the GaGa at first, but she's one hell of a live performer. that's what made me sort of respect her. "Monster" is actually pretty good, and i just bought "The Fame". I'm not a full Monster yet either though... i'm gonna be patient and see where she goes from here.

  2. Its a good album, and Fame Monster is even more epic

  3. man i used to like this bitch! lol