Sunday, February 21, 2010


Shutter Island Holla!

So i went to see Shutter Island Last night, and i must say, i was a little impressed, HA! i bet you thought i was gonna say it sucked! but no! i was a little lost through most of the flick because its so damn cryptic, and if you think you know the ending, you probably do. the best part is the way it unfolds. the plot which is In 1954, two U.S. marshals Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) investigate the disappearance of a patient from a hospital for the criminally insane on an island in Massachusetts. They run into trouble when they are deceived by the hospital's chief administrator Dr. John Cawley (Ben Kingsley), a hurricane hits, they uncover a series of sinister human experiments, reminiscent of Nazi human experimentation. i know, i know sounds a little crazy, but honestly if you are a fan of the sixth sense or the shinning you might wanna give this a shot. i know i don't, or have not built much credibility in readers eyes to give you a blindly-follow-me recommendation, but i loved the movie, and loved its wit and time it took to tell the story.

The Acting 
when it gets to the acting, it kinda had to ease its way into it for me, it was odd, it starts off with Leo, sea sick and nauseated from the ferry ride to Shutter Island. And to be honest it seemed a little disconnected, i felt like it was the first take, or the first scene they had shot together. Or maybe it was the music, i don't know what i'm trying to say is.........the acting felt stiff for the first few minutes of the flick, but in an odd way, i liked it, i kinda played into the film as a sort of strange uncomfortable  epilouge. Mark Ruffalo once again made me smile, he tends to have a subtle way and ease to his craft that fits in this film, i like his character right off the bat. the chemistry between the two seems to gel as the film goes on, and the movie does this for a reason, and i must say bravo. it was very effective. Ben Kingsley, looks like he has never aged since Ghandi, and introduces us to the rest of the island. the acting is brilliant, even Michelle Williams, who i hated in her "Dawson's Creek" days, gave a great performance as the FLASHBACK-WIFE from Boston. overall i loved the acting.


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  2. I removed my comment! I need coffee! ARGH! BUT as I was saying...I actually did think you were going to say it sucked! Haha! But glad you liked it! I'm motivated to see it even more.

  3. yeah i was wicked surprised at how intelligent it was, i had a great time with it