Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So Drake Has Done it again, this mother fuckin Canadian, has blown it out the water! Jay-Z and Kanye, better watch the throne, because i think Drake is stealing album of the year this time around. the tracks are fresh, the samples, are fun, and the lyrics are relatable. 

The Album Opens with "OVER MY DEAD BODY" a little bragging rights song, perfectly constructed, with a beautiful melody, and ambient flow, i heart this track, the track bleeds into the next "SHOT FOR ME" which is my favorite, only because if i was famous, i would wanna haunt someone like Drake does in this track. rarely do i relate with rap artists, not that i don't understand, but its just they are living a life so alien to me i just nod my head and bounce to the beat, i ain't no baller! but Drake raps about shit that people and young adults have gone through. hits home. the next track is the Famous "HEADLINES" this already on the airwaves hit, has a sick ass beat, beginning to end, a fat flow, and not one guest artist. "CREW LOVE feat. THE WEEKEND" is up next and might i say DAAAAAAAAAAAMN! this is a sick composition. the vocals steal my heart and soul on this one. "they lovin the crew!" the second half of this song develops the best relaxing beat and switch. I'm in love. The Next track "TAKE CARE feat. RIHANNA" is one of those songs that slapped me in the face with realism, i have been through every second of this song, and recently too. i love love love this track. "I've loved and I've lost" "MARVIN'S ROOM" is the next track, and who doesn't relate to the feeling of hatred toward your ex's rebound, its painfully awkward, only because he captures a feeling that many of us have had at one point. its an essential song. I'm down, i love it, I'm fallin in love deeper listening to this album all over again. "BURIED ALIVE INTERLUDE" is a sick sick sick flow, if you wanna hear some great Drake Shit, this is it! i was stopped in my damn tracks! its off and weird, and eerie, and i just love it, my second fave track on this album. sad it so short!!!!! "UNDERGROUND KINGS" great beat great track, a instant great hit. "WE'LL BE FINE" i love this beat alot, Drakes shit is hawt! but i have never been a huge birdman fan, the flow about nicki and fame it catchy. birdman should say Nigga more lol. "MAKE ME PROUD" is probably the most Pop-like song on the album, the fourth song i ever heard, but oddly one of my least favorites now, its great but in comparison to the rest its def bottom three, Nicki can never do wrong, and the beat is sexy and simplistic. "LORD KNOWS feat. RICK ROSS" this one sounds like a "Watch The Throne" knock off lol i skipped it, bored to death. , "Look Like"CAMERAS/GOOD ONES GO INTERLUDE" this is a great song to me We're in LOVE, But Only On Camera" "DOIN IT WRONG" a great heartbreaking song, just raw and real, and again I Connect Wonder is epic, ugh this track breaks my heart :( wah! "THE REAL HER" is up next i dig this track, nothing amazing just a good listen. WEEZY good rap! you saved the track in my eyes. but wait! what? huh? ANDRE 3000? oh hell yes! his verse is BOMB.COM he has risen!!!!!! love it best guest spot on this album, hands down! "LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE" I love the lounge sound of this song, make the setting real, i wanna picture Drake sittin at a piano singing and people just drinking champagne. to me channeled ANDRE 3000 on this track, his flow is very sophisticated and poignant. "HYFR (HELL YA FUCKIN RIGHT) feat LIL WAYNE" I know this is gonna be a big favorite only because "Weezy" is on it, but i think there are way better singles on this album. but we shall see, i think this Drake album has a alot of gas to make this a long race. "PRACTICE" is a fuckin great sample, rarely do i feel like someone can improve an original view of a song........Drake has done it. he took Juvenile's track "Back That Ass Up" and made it faaaaantastic. "THE RIDE" follows and its old school hooks and classic. "THE MOTTO feat LIL WAYNE" eh. "I HATE SLEEPING ALONE" great ending to this future epic platinum album. DRAKE thank you! i enjoyed every bit of this masterpiece, NOV 15th 2011

my faves: SHOT FOR ME

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