Monday, November 21, 2011


Today Marks The Release of Rihanna's 6th studio album "TALK THAT TALK" It Opens with "You Da One" Im a big fan of this song, only because it feels like the perfect mash-up of my two favorite RiRi tracks, "Rude Boy", and "Whats My Name", It's cute, fun, light, and of course when you hear it you just wanna feel that for someone, and if you are seeing someone lol watch out! this track has potential to develop a fatal attraction, i dig this track alot. The Next Track Is "Where Have You Been" this acoustic Trance track, is gonna be her third single no doubt, Dr. Luke, i bow down to your vision of a track, its amazing! this track on the breakdown is so fun to just lose yourself in. LOVE. which bleeds into "WE FOUND LOVE" This is still my favorite track on the album, it means alot to me, to me its about wanting love so badly that you just go with the flow, for me love really is a drug, i wanna live in that great moment, and i let it blind me for the time being. the track is so bittersweet, its almost painful to listen to, but like love, i want to experience it over and over. "TALK THAT TALK feat JAY-Z" is the next track, its like an "Umbrella" reunion" this track samples the NOTORIOUS B.I.G.'s "i gotta story to tell" this is a track that sounds like it would have been on "Rated R" I'm a fan, it seems a little out of place on the album, but I'm still feeling the final cut of the album picks. "COCKINESS" is up next and lemme tell ya its all about the word usage, "Suck My Cockiness, Lick My Persuasion" lmfao "I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT WHEN YOU EAT IT" this is a great dance hall beat, show ur colors gurl! I'm down for this song any day. it makes me happy like a clam. and what girl is not gonna bump this beat, fuck just girls! men you know you like it too :) "BIRTHDAY CAKE" not long but short n sweet, so technically, its NOT "Big Enough" but it can be my rude boy. and I'm a fan of, CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE. and being someones BITCH! "WE ALL WANT LOVE" I'm seriously in love with this song, i feel like a wrote this song, i have a song with similar lyrics, and when i heard this, i just smile, cause i think this is a vulnerable song to write, or let alone sing and make it yours. great track, next is "DRUNK ON LOVE" again, a bayley track, first off she samples a track that, we'll speaks to me, so I'm thankful, and then just puts it all in the speaker with the best lyrics, i wear my heart on my sleeve too! damn! is she speaking to me? "ROC ME OUT" this dance guilty pleasure is great, who hasn't been drunk and feelin like a little slut on the dance floor, i love it. "WATCH N' LEARN" is my second favorite track, yeah i know its about a girl gettin eaten out, lol but a boy can dream, "FAREWELL" the song about letting go, i love this song for presenting a situation that actually happens, its a great song, and i know this will be a single. tears for days!!!!! wah!      ******* BONUS TRACKS******* "RED LIPSTICK, this song is the motha fuckin BOMB!!!!! i heard this and i was instantly in love, dub-step heavy, and sexy metal, yessir!! i will have sex to this song. bring it! "Do Ya Thang" this song is all about being comfortable with the guy ur with, knowing that love is there and not trippin off the small shit, you and ur boo are true blue! that's the direction of this track, and i love it. "FOOL IN LOVE" great ballad, and vocals are insane, she even does a BEYONCE run!!! lol this is what Britney was going for in 'criminal" worst single of the year BTW. 

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