Thursday, April 7, 2011


Now it could be that i just hate Ryan Reynolds, or it could be that I'm hating on his crazy tight man bod, either way, i miss the days of comic book movies where big stars were not present. now they are in every one! only because now its cool to be a geek. the problem i have with Ryan playing this role (Green Lantern) is that people (gays more than others) tend to only go see these movies because the lead is "HOT" i was having a conversation with a friend about "Dark Knight" and how great the movie was, and the story was kick-ass and it brought alot of reality to the film. and his response was, "It was okay, i just don't find him attractive" i sat there looking at my friend as if nothing i had said made any damned since. who the fuck cares if they are "Hot or Not" lol is it impossible for any gay to like a movie with john c Reilly or Phillip Seymour Hoffman then? case they are not cute.  BUT movies like twilight do wonderful because you get to drool over a fourteen year old with a built gym bod. OK i get it sex is in, just wanna make my point that Hollywood knows what they are doing, and i think its sad that the story comes second to the sex appeal. open your mind peeps its not just about the half naked "Thor" or Jake Gyllenhall flicks. watch a good movie rent or Netflix a Hitchcock movie, make James Stewart and Cary Grant "sexy" again.

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