Friday, April 22, 2011


its official Tom Hardy has been casted in "The Dark Knight Rises," not much of a shocker when you know how the director work and usuing some of his previous actors in his following films what with him having worked with Christopher Nolan on last summer's "Inception." which was a fan-fuckin-tastic film, The revelation of which character he'd be playing, however, was a surprise: Bane. Until now, we haven't heard much about Hardy's (or Nolan's) plans for the brutish, brilliant villain, but the actor recently opened up about the role and what you can expect from him. Hardy appeared on the British talk show "Alan Carr: Chatty Man" recently, and as expected, the subject of "The Dark Knight Rises" came up in conversation. Carr showed Hardy a picture of the hilariously campy Bane character from Joel Schumacher's 1997 film "Batman & Robin." Glancing at it and smiling, he joked, "It doesn't look very menacing, does it?

Hardy then went on to briefly explain that Nolan has other ideas for his own treatment of Bane, as fans of the director's dark and gritty take on the series might already expect."Chris Nolan will revisit that territory entirely," he said. "So I wouldn't go by that at all."The actor also said that he's going to need to bulk up before "I start shooting in May." He currently weighs around 170 pounds and Nolan wants him up in at least the 180-200 pound range. Asked how plans to grow so much over the next three months, Hardy replied, "Fat. A lot of fat. And trickery."

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