Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So Damn Damn Damn! its been a crazy year! and its been an even longer time since i gave ya'll some love on this blog, but i promise I'm back in the game, but i wanted to give you guys and dolls my opinion and suggestions for my top 5 albums of 2012. this year it is urban as hell, lol, very R&B and Hip Hop heavy, so you better love some flava!!!!!!! so lets get down to buisness.

Big Boi: Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors. This album blew my mind, and although its not flawless, its near perfect in my eyes. it flows good with the exception of two songs, but its worth ur buck, or bucks ;) it features some of my favorite artist like KID CUDI, Little Dragon, and the highly underrated  Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child). 

She Hates
Apple Of My Eye
Mama Told Me

RIHANNA: Unapologetic, NOW i am a DIE HARD marine from the rihanna navy, i think she can do no wrong, BUT les be annas! TTT (talk that talk) was a weak ass album, and though i like a buttload of songs off that album, i know when to say, man riri you need to up ur game, and i think this bitch knew and she brought it with this album. it flows from one end to the end starting off with a sick David G. track "Phresh Off The Runway" and ending with a coldplayesque bow out "Half Of Me" if you are not even a fan of Rihanna, you will find something off this album. she went less sexual and more fun on this return and I'm in love.

Hot Tracks From This Title
Phresh Off The Runway
Pour It Up
Get It Over With

Frank Ocean: Channel Orange, If I Had To Pick The Top album of the year, it would be this, channel orange has thought, and heartbreak, and i have been through it this year, i connect with it, not so much the songs about crack rock, but the songs about unrequited love lol. from the intro to the outro this album delivers, if you like soul and story telling, this songwriter is a genius.

Hot Tracks From This Title

BRANDY: TWO ELEVEN, Brandy had been out of the game for a minute, but damn did she comeback with this album, its a mix of new and old "B Rocka" she worked with Mike Will Made it, Frank Ocean, and Chris Brown, on this album and it all came together perfectly in my eyes, i enjoyed this album a lot this year and i am so happy to have this woman back in my ipod.

Hot Track From This Title
So Sick
Let Me Go
Put It Down (feat. Chris Brown)
Hardly Breathing
Do You Know What You Have?
Can You Hear Me Now?

Big Sean: Detroit, This one is free people, Why? Cause its a mixtape, and a damn good one at that, this is a great work and a fun and creative collection of music. and for nothing it feels so guilty to have. out of all the hip hop records this year this stood its ground. 

Hot Tracks from this title
24k of gold
Sellin Dream feat. Chris Brown

So Hope You Like My Picks for 2012!!!!!!!!! lemme know! follow my ass on Facbook: bayley whitehead
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look forward to getting ur feedback!

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