Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Glimpse At Blue Ivy Life

What do you buy for the baby whose parents have everything?
If you are Blue Ivy Carter, a.k.a. the newborn daughter of a superstar rapper and singer, not only are you liable to receive cool gifts, but they are probably going to come from some pretty high profile folks.
While her dad, Jay-Z, has already composed a song for (and featuring) her, the newborn also reportedly received some presents from some of her parents' celebrity friends. Auntie O (that's Oprah Winfrey for those not in the know) supposedly purchased a trunk full of children's books, according to The Insider. Given her love of the written word – what with her book club and offering Jay-Z's book "Decoded" as one of her "favorite things" – it's no surprise.
Meanwhile, mommy's former group mate and BFF Kelly Rowland is said to have gone a more fashionable route.
According to People magazine, Rowland stopped by an upscale boutique to snag a onesie featuring a drawing of Bob Marley for B.I.C.
The green, long-sleeved onesie was reportedly purchased from an upscale New York City kids boutique, Lucky Wang. Entertainment Weekly also reported that the former Destiny's Child member has gifted the couple a $5,200 Swarovski crystal baby bathtub for the little darling.
The new parents reportedly took their bundle of joy home early Tuesday morning

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