Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Artist: My Review

So In November I had The Pleasure of seeing the Artist, and before i get into How fantastic the film was, i wanna say, GO SEE IT! now i was super duper gassed and excited about this film, and wasnt sure if my date was gonna like it, but i went foward with it, got my popcorn and candy, and sat down, and was ready for this amazing experience, i cant really explain what its like to see a silent film, within an audience that you know is used to watching "Talkies" its very different, almost tense, uneasy, its just interesting. but frame to frame i fell in love, the music, the acting, the visuals, its like watching talent from a different perspective, i almost felt like this was footage from the golden age of film, until i see john goodman and james cromwell, then i was brought back down to earth, and even more perplexed, that someone could capture the very essence of "Chaplin", and "Keaton" the fathers of silent film, and to bring the storyline, of the struggle, these silent actors had, with the coming of sound film, was genius, and i know we have seen it before, but this was deeper and more nostalgic, amazing. i wanna thank you Michel Hazanavicius, for making this flawless film, and taking me on a jouney that blew my mind and spirit. i loved it a thousand times over. 

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