Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Roman's Revenge

After bagging the Best Hip Hop Video Moon Man for "Super Bass," female rapper and spit-personality diva, Nicki Minaj sauntered back to the VMA press room for some photos and a quick interview, where she dropped a few details about her forthcoming, as-yet-untitled album.
The short of it: It's gonna be filled with her alter ego Roman.
"Well, the new album is going to have a lot of Roman on it, and if you're not familiar with Roman, you will be familiar with him soon," Minaj revealed.
On her first album, Pink Friday, Minaj's alter-ego Roman showed up on a track, "Roman's Revenge," that she did with Eminem. If you remember, many took lyrics in "Revenge" to be a side-slap to fellow female rapper Lil' Kim. and lets not try and sugar-coat it, it was.
Continued Minaj about Roman and her album: "He's a boy who lives inside of me," she said. "I have a lot of surprises I don't want to give away. Everyone will be more than satisfied with the new album."
About that crazy outfit she was wearing, Minaj explained to the press: "Tokyo inspires this outfit. Harajuku is something I have been absorbing for a very long time."

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