Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Horrible Life In The Hills

Former stars of “The Hills” Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt now wish they could take back their fame-hungry antics.
Perhaps better known as “Speidi," the two skyrocketed to dubious fame in 2006 with MTV’s faux-reality show “The Hills.” But soon they were in over their heads with photo shoots and publicity stunts, and around 2009 things started winding down.
And according to the Daily Beast, they're now broke and living at Spencer's parents' beach house.
As their celebrity started to veer left of the spotlight, the duo admits they played into fake tabloid stories about their relationship. “We’ve never even been apart,” Heidi says of their breakup plot lines. “We got so deep with how many storylines we had to do to continue the machine,” Spencer adds.
As for the money, they say it went out as quickly as it came in. “My whole million-dollar wardrobe — I would never wear that again,” says Spencer. “They’re props. Everything we were doing, we were buying props. I bought a big blue monster truck just to drive it on 'The Hills' for an episode. Never drove it again.
And of course, there were Heidi’s many surgeries. “Obviously I wish I didn’t do it,” she now says of her multiple rounds of over 13 procedures, including a chin reduction, a brow lift, buttock augmentation, and breast implants.
Family issues were also stirred up by their bid for fame. Spencer claims a producer on the show tried to coax him into punching his sister in the face for “that Snooki effect” (a.k.a., the ratings boost “Jersey Shore” got when Snooki was punched). Heidi, meanwhile, no longer speaks to her family. (Her support system consists of Spencer and her puppies, she says.)
We were living each other’s mistakes," Spencer says of the whole reality star experience. "[E]verything we were doing, in retrospect, was a mistake...What we learned is: You can be too famous.”
Yet and still, Spencer admits, “If they called me right now and said, ‘We want you to be on 'Jersey Shore'  and be a bully, and we’ll bring your paycheck back,’ I’d say, ‘Get me on a plane to Italy.’ 

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