Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So Recently i received, the movie "SOURCE CODE" via NETFLIX, and lemme say, i was surprised at how intrigued i was from the first 5 minutes. so if ur not a fan of quantum physics and impossible scenarios and ideas of theories about time travel and time replacement, then skip this movie, it ain't for you. the thing about this movie, is if you get through ten minutes, ur hooked, cause you wanna know what happens, basically Jake gyllenhall is Army helicopter pilot Colter Stevens sexy as fuck, and last aware of being on a mission in Afghanistan, wakes up on a commuter train traveling to Chicago. He finds that to other people – including his traveling partner Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan) – he appears as Sean Fentress, a school teacher. As he comes to grips with this revelation, the train car explodes, killing everyone aboard and derailing it and a tanker train traveling the other direction. when his sexy self regains consciousness inside an unfamiliar cockpit. Through a screen, Air Force Captain Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) verifies Stevens' identity. She explains Stevens is in the "Source Code", an experimental device created by Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright), scientist for Beleaguered Castle (a military unit named after the card game), that allows its user to experience the last eight minutes of a person's life within an alternate timeline. Stevens is being asked to use Source Code to discover the location of a bomb aboard the train and identify who detonated it. Goodwin explains that the train explosion occurred that morning, and was a warning by the bomber as a precursor to a larger dirty nuclear device that will be detonated in downtown Chicago. Though Stevens' actions cannot change the past and save the lives aboard the train, identifying the bomber in the alternate timeline will prevent the deaths of millions more in this one. 
its a bit of a mind trip, and can be a tad bit confusing at times, but it all comes together nicely, out of 10 i give the flick a 7, def a netflix rental, and good enough to buy, ON BLU RAY. check it out!

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