Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beyonce's Producer Knocks Kelly Rowland Success

So Jeff Bhasker isn’t a father to all of destiny's children, because if he was, he would not pick a favorite child.The “Party” producer (who worked on a number of other 4 tracks, too) took to Twitter to trash Kelly Rowland’s slinky single “Motivation”: How can this kr song with the weakest beat and melody of all time be the #1 song on the urban charts? Oh yeah. Wayne. (Guess he’s not a Weezy fan either.) But why such harsh words for “Motivation”? Find out more below.

There are a lot of songs out there that probably deserve his criticism even more, so what’s his beef with “Motivation”?Maybe he’s just trying to Bey a leg up, since so many of us are keeping an eye on how the two ladies’ singles and albums are measuring up against each other. my opinion is i think its a great summer song, and i LOVE "4" but kinda hoped it was a bit more upbeat. but its still fantastic. but back to the heart, i think Jeff feels threatened, he sounds like an unprofessional producer to me, because to say those types of things brings controversy and he knows it.
Bhasker followed up with this tweet:“I just listened to Motivation again to see if I was to harsh in my critique. I wasn’t. The lyrics are horrid as well.”(C’mon, Jeff, tell us how you really feel.) hey Jeff! why don't you shut up and let album sales be album sales, its BEYONCE vs KELLY WHO? cmon now, no need lol really.

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