Saturday, September 25, 2010


I love "Bears" what can i say, they are my favorite type of gay. they make me laugh, they are sexy, and they are most of the time, real and true to who they are, what you see is what you get. i love The Faultline, and The Eagle. and i love Folsom! although i am missing the great event as i type this little blog. i wanted to inform the gays who don't know much about Bears, and Otters, and Wolves, so i came up with a little cheat sheet/terminology list. enjoy!

  • Bear—a hairy man with a stocky or heavy-set build and facial hair. Can be clean shaven and of any age.
  • Bear run—a gathering or circuit party for Bear/Cub types and their Admirers.
  • Black Bear—a Bear of African-American decent or of darker toned skin
  • Chaser—short for Chubby Chaser.
  • Chub—a heavy set gay man. May or may not be a bear (Chubby bear is a common term)
  • Cub—a younger (or younger looking) version of a Bear, typically but not always with a smaller frame. The term is sometimes used to imply the passive partner in a relationship. Can be hairy or hairless.
  • Daddy bear—an older bear, sometimes looking for a daddy/son relationship with a younger man.
  • "Dolphin" - a man who identifies as a bear but is hairless.
  • Grizzly Adams— a man with a typically hairy body and face who does not self identify as a bear but is attracted to bears.
  • Goldilocks—a female, often heterosexual, who is often in the company of bears (a bear's fag hag).
  • Leather bear—a bear with a leather fetish.
  • Muscle bear—a muscular version of a Bear. A muscle cub is a younger or smaller, yet muscular, version.
  • Otter—a man who is hairy, but is not large or stocky—typically thinner, swimmer's build, or with lean muscle
  • Panda bear—a bear of Asian descent.
  • Pocket bear—a short Bear.
  • Polar bear—a silver- or white-haired Bear.
  • Red bear—a red-haired bear. Also known as a Ginger Bear.
  • Wolf—a term for Muscle Bear who is rugged outdoorsy or biker type.
  • Woof—a greeting sometimes used when a Bear sees another Bear in public and wants to express physical attraction.
  • So i hope this little blog helps, and if you or a friend needs help understanding the BEAR KINGDOM, save this in ur tab ;)



  1. I'm about as bearish as they get. Too bad I don't like men.