Thursday, September 2, 2010

The anonymous letter leads to friction among the ladies, culminating in a full-blown fight. Also: Snooki spends another night in bed with Vinny. i cant fucking wait to see this episode, one because i hate Sammi, and personally she needs to be punched in the face, I'm glad a guy didn't get all Chris brown on her, but I'm glad Jwoww sets her clock straight for giving women a bad name! Jesus Christ! he has called you a bitch! said "i hate you!", drove away in a mother-fucking cab with you knocking at the damned glass, all televised, making you! look like a weak bitch-ass jersey BITCH!!! i feel bad for ya Sammi, i truly do! and Ronnie, ur fuckin sexy, but damn you got the true douchebag badge on this one. Snooks I love ya!

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