Friday, July 30, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Box Office

I went to the premiere of "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" last week, and i have to say its Probably a close second in my favorite movies of 2010 so far, Its fuckin witty, adventurous, edgy, and pushes boundaries on tolerance with social issues, sex, homosexuality, but does it in a comedic way, that also make you comfortable. it makes a point without seeming preachy or even noticeable. Scott Pilgrim is a graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O'Malley, consisting of six digest size black-and-white volumes. i have not yet had a chance to read them, and its odd for me, cause I'm usually a reader before i am a watcher. The first volume was released in 2004 and, as of July 20, 2010, all six have been released, all published by a Portland, Oregon-based independent comic book publisher Oni Press. i was actually quite impressed by this because everything is so mainstream nowadays, The name "Scott Pilgrim" originates from a song by the all-girl, Halifax, Nova Scotia, '90s band Plumtree. "Pilgrim" was borrowed from local musician Philip Pilgrim.

The series is about 23-year-old Canadian Scott Pilgrim, a slacker (perfect for "Cera"), hero, and part-time bassist who is living in Toronto and plays bass guitar in the band "Sex Bob-Omb." He falls in love with American delivery girl Ramona V. Flowers, but must defeat her seven "evil ex's" not ex boyfriends ;) in order to date her.

  • Michael Cera as Scott W. Pilgrim
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Victoria Flowers, Scott's love interest
  • Kieran Culkin ***show stealer!!!!*** as Wallace Wells
  • Alison Pill as Kim Pine
  • Mark Webber as Stephen Stills
  • Johnny Simmons as "Young" Neil Nordegraf
  • Anna Kendrick as Stacey Pilgrim
  • Ellen Wong as Knives Chau. Knives is Scott's ex-girlfriend who is still obsessed with him.[4]
  • Satya Bhabha as Matthew Patel
  • Chris Evans as Lucas Lee a skateboarding douchebag
  • Brandon Routh as Todd Ingram
  • Mae Whitman as Roxy Richter
  • Shota Saito as Kyle Katayanagi Keita Saito as Ken Katayanagi
  • Jason Schwartzman as Gideon Gordon Graves
  • Brie Larson as Natalie "Envy" Adams. One of Scott Pilgrim's ex-girlfriends who has become a famous pop star.
  • Erik Knudsen as Luke "Crash" Wilson
  • Aubrey Plaza as Julie Powers
  • Tennessee Thomas as Lynette Guycott
  • Jean Yoon as Mrs. Chau
CONCLUSION: go see the movie, it has bad langues, witty lines, a kick-ass cast and contract, and an awesome message. you know i don't let ya down movie goers. 

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