Sunday, July 18, 2010


Now i'm pretty notorious for loving a well done movie and raving about it afterwards, but "fuck me" i have never continued to rant and rave about a movie four days after i have seen it. "Inception" has made me excited for film again, and now more so for the Christopher Nolan kind. now if you don't know what Inception is about lemme summarize it the best of my abilityThe film is about Dom Cobb, a thief who has the power to enter into the dreams of others by thrusting himself into the subconscious of his targets, thus obtaining information that is otherwise impossible to access. His abilities have cost him coveted things, but a second chance allows the situation to be turned around. However, when an unforeseen enemy predicts Cobb's every move, Cobb and his team of specialists are forced to plant an idea in a target's subconscious. The film's title refers to the task of planting a dream rather than stealing one, a concept that Cobb is less acquainted with, and that is the best i can do without giving away the good shit. 

 so i guess Development of Inception began roughly ten years before the film's actual fucking release when Nolan wrote an 80-page treatment about "dream-stealers" After presenting the idea to WB back in 2001, (holy shit! i was graduating high school at this time), he then felt that he needed to have more experience with large scale films. Therefore, Nolan opted to work on Batman Begins which i was not all that impressed with, and The Dark Knight. which was amaaaaazing! when he returned to working on "Inception" He spent six months polishing up the film's script before Warner Bros. purchased the script in February 2009.  The Filming began in Tokyo on June 19, 2009 and finished 5 months later in Canada in late November of the same year. Inception was officially budgeted at $160 million, a cost which was split between Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. Nolan's reputation and success with The Dark Knight helped secure the film $100 million in advertising expenditure. The film premiered in London on July 13, 2010 and was released in approximately 6,700 conventional theaters, 197 of which are IMAX, on July 16, 2010.

my geek out area!!!!!

The Famous Hotel Hallway Scene
One of the best scenes for me was the "hallway scene" i loved this scene for many reasons, it felt real! it was authentic, it didn't feel fake, and that's because! it fucking wasn't!!!! so i hunted down the notes and shooting schedule for all you dorks like me, so you can read how some of the awesomeness was accomplished.
On February 11, 2009, it was announced that Warner Bros. purchased Inception, a spec script written by Nolan. Principal photography for the film in Tokyo on June 19, 2009 for the scene where Saito first hired Cobb. The production moved to England and shot in Cardington, a converted airship hanger north of London. It was there that long hotel corridor able to rotate a full 360 degrees to create the effect of zero gravity for scenes where dream-sector physics become chaotic was constructed by production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas, special effects supervisor Chris Corbould, and cinematographer Wally Pfister. The filmmakers originally planned to make the hallway 40 ft (12 m) long but as the action sequence became more elaborate, the hallway's length grew to 100 ft (30 m). The corridor was suspended along eight large concentric rings that were spaced equidistantly outside its walls and powered by two massive electric motors. One of the film's actors, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, spent several weeks learning to fight in a corridor that spun like "a giant hamster wheel". Nolan said of the device, "It was like some incredible torture device; we thrashed Joseph for weeks, but in the end we looked at the footage, and it looks unlike anything any of us has seen before. The rhythm of it is unique, and when you watch it, even if you know how it was done, it confuses your perceptions. It's unsettling in a wonderful way". Gordon-Levitt remembered, "it was six-day weeks of just, like, coming home at night fuckin' battered ... The light fixtures on the ceiling are coming around on the floor, and you have to choose the right time to cross through them, and if you don't, you're going to fall. On July 15, 2009, filming took place at University College London library. The signage of the library was altered to French to imitate a bibliothèque.

Over all, this movie placed in my top 10 instantly and i place it there with complete conviction, and I'm perfectly okay with that idea. i don't do it often. and most of my movies are wes anderson or Paul Thomas Anderson flicks, but now Christopher nolan, you have mind-fucked me into submission, and i will probably let you FUCK me again. 


  1. third attempt to post.

    It's been a while since I've felt obliged to bow down to such an awesome critique. Thank you for doing your homework and slipping in the extra credit as well. I'm glad you've been moved to blog by this masterpiece. I might do the same, the last time that happened was for Avatar, the blue one, not the elemental commander one.

    Your write up is right up there ... at the top. It was insightful and delightful and chockful of facts and details, that remind of old school "Private I" detective work.

    I too was turned side ways when from the beginning I heard "Je ne regrette Rien" and the saw Marion Cotillard emobidment of Edith Piaf (Ma Vie En Rose), and that was precisely what the film was about ... layers upon layers upon layers of guilt, consciousness, and cheesecake.... ok sorry that last part was my projection.

    In any case, I too enjoyed the injection by inception... of Hope For Hollywood.

  2. its rare for a film like this to come along, especially in the days of desperate hollywood, its all about green screens and sex scenes, and inception had if any, none of that. i loved it entirely, and i feel that if you don't like it, its 3 things, its not for you, you missed something, or ur stupid