Monday, September 26, 2011

BLINK 182- Neighborhoods

So I have finally picked up the new Blink 182 album, so so so so so excited for the return of one of my favorite bands, its been 7 years since the last new album from them. and now, i can rock out to Tom, Mark, and Travis, once again. i must say i was nervous with the not so amazing first single UP ALL NIGHT, i just wasn't taken by the song, but then i sampled some leaked tracks and was BLOWN AWAY!!!!!. so here is my Babble Review!

So The Album starts off with a killers meets boxcar racer into, kinda like "Im Fellin It" the first Track GHOST ON THE DANCE FLOOR is a good way to start off the album, its mellow, and very BLINK like. great drum beats from Travis Barker like always. NATIVES track 2 on the album, kicks up with a galloping drum beat, this is one of my favorites so far, it makes me smile and just brings me back, it has a Cheshire Cat feel, and that's an amazing sound to reach, when you have come so far from the beginning. this song is already treasured by me. UP ALL NIGHT is track 3 and yadda yadda yadda it just doesn't have that catchy sound to me, never grasped me, so I'm putting this one in the pass pile. but its worth listening to. AFTER MIDNIGHT follows, this song is great with the structure, I'm a fan with the first line "I cant get my feet up off the edge, i kinda like the little rush ya get, when ur standing close to death" in love!!!! tom's voice doesn't bug the shit out of me on this album either, maybe cause i missed him lol. SNAKE CHARMER is an excellent song, very different for this band, and yet i am intrigued with every second. the next song is the interlude HEART'S ALL GONE followed by HEARTS ALL GONE, this is another song that takes me back, this time to Buddha, loved that album. very fast and more punk than they have pulled out in a while, i dig this track immensely. WISHING WELL follows and i must say, another great song. Tom fronts yet another song, and does it with his classic poppy da da da da! lyrics, this track sounds like a secret track that would have gone on "take off your pants and jacket" good song. KALEIDOSCOPE is one of my faves, only cause I'm a sucker for Mark Hoppus and +44 so it steals my heart from the moment he speaks. THIS IS HOME is very killers to me, i like it, I'm actually just having a great time with this album, it really just makes me feel 18 again, and puts me in my jeep wrangler with my tape deck, MH 4.18.2011 is the next track, its a mellow version of Rock Show, the adult version if you will. LOVE IS DANGEROUS is a nice little rock tunes, very sexy and sleek, great collaboration with the voices on this track. FIGHTING THE GRAVITY is my other favorite on the album, it just speaks to me. love love love this song. LOVE!!!!!  is eerie and creepy, and just perfect. i hope this is a single. amazeballz. EVEN IF SHE FALLS is a cute song, not my favorite but good. very BOXCAR RACER. 

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