Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I remember the first day i watched Lost, it was December 24th 2005, and my Best friend Frankie Sanchez had got it for me as my christmas gift, I pondered for a minute, should i even bother? I mean its basically a new generation of Gilligan's Island. Right? "what the hell" i say as i pop in the first disc, now im fairly easy on film, in fact, im very generous in the attention i spend watching some shows, like Desperate Housewives, or Brothers & Sisters, both which i no longer let siphon my life away, what i'm trying to get to you is, in television i know what CHEESY is, and i know what good quality is, but if its good, its good, and i was not expecting this show to be that interesting, but the first thing that got me was the score, i mean not that many shows have an orchestra in general, let alone, playing in tune with the talents emotions, THAT was the first thing i noticed, the second, was the budget! this show could not have been cheap to make! they had a full airliner on a Hawaiian beach for gods sake! and the third thing, was the epic fantasy part of it, now i dont know anbout you, but im a geek for fantasy. i love it, i love creatures i love birth, death, love, conflict and in Lost we have hidden mysterious people, we have a dinosaur/smoke monster, we have a crazy, gun-baring french woman. It was perfect for my christmas alone, me and 24 episodes of awesome, overly dramatic antics, that honestly tell a great story. When it all ended, i was thoroughly satisfied, i made all my friends and co-workers watch it, i was ready for season 2.

 Season 2
Season two was a fun little dip into a fresh interesting way to tell a story that could eventually get stale and stiff, it starts off, only seconds after the finale of season one, they find a hatch burried in the ground they open it drop down inside only to find an irish bloke that is a bit cabin-crazy and oddly connected to the main characters Jack from the past. he has been in this hatch for the last 4 years pressing the numbers 4-8-15-16-23-42 every 108 minutes into a computer from the stone age. and injecting himself with an antidote to protect him from the jungle which has been quarantined off to him, these numbers also happen to be the numbers that one of the other main characters Hurley, (its pointless to explain the names, you wont remember them) used to win the lottery, but ever since he won,  he has only had bad luck. well anyway this guy from the hatch leaves on a boat to return about 23 episodes later, now that he has pawned his job of button pushing onto the new guys. yadda yadda yadda  time passes, the buttons are not pressed on the season finale, the hatch implodes, shannon gets shot, Michelle Rodriguez is a crazy power controlling cop, (real stretch for her) the season ends, I LOVED IT! ate it up like devils food cake. now this is about the time i was raving about this show, its great! it so twisted, and the thing i like about it is its somewhat interactive, everyone has they're own theory and idea as to Why these people are on the island, "They Are In Limbo" or "Its Purgatory" and "Its all a dream" whatever it is it has us guessing two years in. onto season 3.

 Season 3
This had to be the most agonizing season of them all, only because they start off with 8 weeks back to back, then went on a four month break! and filled those months in with "DAYBREAK!" this was around the time that "Lost" had dropped to new lows in ratings and they were going to either get cancelled or keep going with a determined ending in site, so they left us with a horrible cliffhanger, came back months later, like a babydaddy coming back for a bootycall,  all life had continued, and the show ceased to exist, until it returned and ruined my thursdays lol, i was hooked once more. damn you LOST! this season dipped into the life of the science projects known as the dharma initiative that had been on the island since the early 70's, this was my least favorite season, i just felt like my chain was being yanked, and although i did like the way, one of my favorite characters died, i felt like it was bullshit! lol but im still on bored for season 4, i mean how could i abandon this show now? so a woman named naomi parachutes onto the island, saying she is part of a rescue mission, when in fact she is NOT, she is sent by widmore a man who once in the 50"s lived on the island and is trying know what this is actually exhausting to talk about. lol the season ends with charlie finding out the boat headed to the island is not the boat they thought, he drowns, and the fun begins.

This season flipped on ya with a different format, it shows you flash-forwards, instead of Flash-backs, and the flash forwards, slowly reveal that only SIX castaways made it off the island, its kind of a reverse fiction version of "SURVIVOR" so throughout the season you are figuring out who got off and who stayed. i liked the new format, it made the show fresh, and interesting, i was into it big time, the also introduce four new characters. Miles, a redhead, Daniel Faraday, and Frank the pilot. the six that leave, go back to Los Angeles, and lie about the island saying they are the only survivors on the island, and on top of that, the island moves and vanishes into thin air, leaving the other castaways in a weird in-between. That is how the season ends.

this season, happens to currently still be my favorite, i loved season 2, and 4 was cool, but five introduces, TIME TRAVEL! yes time travel, when the castaways that were still on the island vanished with the island, they were thrown off course, having the island skip through different time periods, so they gradually find out answers, the island finally gets reset, and the island stops in 1970, forcing the castaways to join the dharma initiative, and lead the grooviest life they have ever grooved, or lived. the six get on a plan and find a loop hole back to the island, because it is DESTINY that they return. but the time change complicates things, love triangles have shifted, and a whole new world of crazy is revealed. the main focus in this season, is the hatch from season two, was actually the reason the airplane crashed, due to an overload of elctro magnetism if thus numbers are not pressed at the right time the magnetism pulls things in, the hatch did not implode the day they're plane crashed because there is an override key that is a  last result in  times of the buttons not being pressed within the 108 minutes timeframe. so anyway, back to the plot of season five, the theory is, blow up the hatch in 1970 and the hatch in 2004 with never have been created, thus the hatch and the computer can never pull the airplane down to the island. and they do so but telling them to bury a bomb in 1950 so that in 1970 they can use the bomb to blow it up. the plan goes fine only the bomb doesn't go off in the construction site, juliet, one of my favorite characters, falls down the hole where the bomb is, and strikes the bomb, it explodes and BOOM season 5 ends. awesome cliff-hanger.


  1. A true Lost fan I see :) Who is your favorite character and why?

  2. Sawyer, he just has the best character arc to me