Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Now i don't know if you like to party, get a little dirty, and have a good  time, but let me tell you there is a place in Los Angeles, right off the corner of Melrose, and Vermont, that a world unlike any other exists  . it's Faultline and its some of the best times i have ever had, i can remember the first time i went there, i witnessed my first public rimming,(Look it up if you are straight and or new to the gay world) and i'm sure two men were fucking, and pretty hard, in the stall next to me, in the one of two restrooms available. i love to be out of my comfort zone, thats my thing, and i love to watch others be thrown into an unexpected realm, to which they no nothing. (Budbust) is a special Happyhour for sundays 4-8pm 3 dollar beers with 2 dollar refills, and occasionally they sneak in, after the happiness is gone, a 3 dollar pint, but that window last 15 minutes and they are strict! but amongst the beer, guts, and glory-holes, lies a bar with a heart, the bears love a good time, and MAN do they love PORN & MUSIC, hands down, every time i go there, they have a great D.J. spinning the greatest remixes, to some of the best tracks in my ipod. and they have (ALWAYS) had great porn playing as you mingle with the crowd. now my suggestion is, dont wear bright colors, its not WEHO, and dont bring your FAG-HAG its a bear bar not "THE ABBEY" they frown upon the VAG! and third but not least, go in open minded, its guys amongst guys, really no judgement, its kick back, chill, awesome, and sexy guys for everyone, the bartenders are always super cute, if you like a slightly hairy guy.

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