Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday, Roman RELOADED Review

So Its Here, No Idea why she didn't just name is Roman Reloaded, but Nicki Returns with 22 tracks of half shit talking, half pop disaster with SUPERBASS Formula to back it up. The First track is "Roman Reloaded" this track is pretty odd, but i like it, it kinda sounds like a pop hip- hop version of Sweeney Todd with a (IF POSSIBLE) more twisted sound. "COME ON A CONE" this is one of my favorite tracks, the beat is insanity, and the flow crazy-town, especial the "Diiiiiiiick in yo faaaaaace" line, priceless Nicki, you done done it here crazy bitch. "I AM YOUR LEADER" feat, Cam'ron & Rick Ross, I'm diggin this track, and its nice to see Cam'ron back in the game. "Beez In The Trap" feat 2 Chainz is up next, and the beat is old school and perfect, i like the beats like this cause it showcases her rap talents, yes yes i know the bitch can sing, i get it, BUT i like hearing her crazy flows and personality that hooked me from the beginning, i appreciate this song immensely. "HOV LANE" another song where we hear how successful Nicki is, yay! this never gets tired, because she is in the HOV lane, and I'm in the soul train..........okay on to the next cause i don't get this one. "ROMAN RELOADED" up next, this one was the first track i heard, and i must say, waaaaaaaay better when thrown into the album it, makes more sense. not a crazy fan for this track but i love the next one "Champion" feat Nas, Drake, and Young Jeezy, this song is great, it has that beat and colab that is expected and wanted on a hip-hop album, and Nicki gets to showcase her vocal chords at the same time, without boring us all to death with a fist puming commercial whack-off  the follow up track is "Right By Your Side" Featuring Woman Demolisher CHRIS "breezy" BROWN, now this song is bubbly, cute and fun yeah, but the hook sounds alot like Brandy's "FULL MOON" track "WOW" lol seriously, take a listen, its a little odd. "Sex In The Lounge" feat Bobby V. and Lil Wayne is next, now I'm a big Bobby V. fan, so i kinda love this track, i think this is another good match and mix of Nicki's talent, I'm not overwhelmed with sugar and spice, this one is okay in my book! "Starships" which I'm sure is a big hit on the jersey shore, is Nicki's fist pumping feel good song, but it kinda just makes me feel like a girl, lol i mean its not horrible, I'm just not into it, i liked it for one day, and then i burnt out on it, it sounds like everything out there, i think touring with Britney spears and working with MDNA, stealing GaGa's stylist and working with Red One, really went to this bitches head, but play on playa, people eat this Cake up! but once people start counting calories, don't get mad when they go on a Minaj-Diet. "POUND THE ALARM" ummmmmmmm i like the inception horn alot, but is this nicki or gaga ohhhhhh oh ohhhhhhhhh this sounds like Bad romance the remix. "WHIP IT" this is what happens when we tell an artist "Superbass" is a hit!!!!!!! the studio says "MAKE MORE JUST LIKE THAT" and then we have more basses, not as good because now its played out, but you can guarantee the gays and teeny boppers will dub-step they're little 4loco brains out to it! "AUNTOMATIC" continues the electro dance party, so start rolling on ur E and get the glow sticks out! cause the party is goin all damn night.  "Beautiful Sinner" is the following track, this one is okay not too annoying i guess when it all come down to it, I'm not a fan of over poppy Nicki, its just kinda whack to me, and i know she is from theater and she is just having fun, i dig that, so I'm trying not to hate, and this song, is okay after my eardrums have been numbed by the previous tracks. "Marilyn Monroe" is a mellow ballad, with a nice little drum beat, its def poppy,and i can see this playing on a Disney teeny bopper movie trailer, its cute, Next! "YOUNG FOREVER" the intro is sick! very postal service, i dig this song, its great, and i connect to it, its a cute Nicki track, and very poppy, but i like the composition and layout, its like an edgy nursery rhyme. "Fire Burns" this is probably my next favorite track, i love her ability to sound vulnerable and then say things like "You Piece of Shit" fantastic, and i think everyone has felt this way about an ex at one point or another. good job girl! "GUN SHOT" feat Bennie Man, now this was kind of a fun surprise, because i have not heard Bennie man in 4 ever!!!!! this is her island flare song, cant hate on this one. there is a point where she tries to his a high note and fails in a majorly epic way, but big props for not auto tuning ur ass!!!!!! "Stupid Hoe" ok we get it you dont like Lil Kim, You won, we know it, she knows it, lets all move on from this piss competition. "TURN ME ON" Feat ???? Nicki Minaj lol have no idea why this song is on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"VaVa Voom" is up next this is really the superbass continuation, its exactly the same formula, lol but it works, if its not broke, don't fix it. "Masquerade" is the follow up after, and its no less poppy, but it ends the album, and i feel content with half the album, not too bad, and shockingly better than i thought. it truly is a half n half album, so if you rather hip-hop than pop its all there for you. enjoy "Roman Reloaded" 

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