Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Musical Guide To Beats And Musical Euphoria

Bayley Whitehead's musical taste, hmmmmm, where to begin? Well, i guess living in an eclectic family was the best early musical exposure i could have ever had, a dad english/irish/aussie who listened to Jazz and contemporary and classic music, a puerto rican/brazilian/cubano mother who loved Pheobe Snow   And Sade
My sister was my exposure to artist like TLC, And SWV and Brandy, i just loved the sound of music, the actual art, not the film. but growing up in australia was a different vibe, a different way of things, when i moved to california, my own taste in music began to develop, and man was it a change for the people in my life. i was into, smashing pumpkins, Blink 182, NOFX, Dashboard Confessional, and many other punk/emo bands, they just all hit home with me, they knew me. so im here to list a few of my favorite artist, and the albums of which i feel are the best and also throw in some fun links to myfavorite musical places to escape. hope you like it fans ;)

THE LIST ***********************************************************

JANET JACKSON - Velvet Rope - song of choice: Tonight's The Night

SADE - Lovers Rock - Song of choice: Flow

N.E.R.D. - In Search Of... - Song of choice: Tape You

RIHANNA - Rated R. - Song Of Choice: Photographs

USHER - Raymond Vs. Raymond - Song Of Choice: OMG

THE DREAM - Love King - Song Of Choice: Love King

LADY GAGA - The Fame Monster - So Happy I Could Die


NATALIE PORTMANS SHAVED HEAD - Glistening Pleasure - Song Of Choice: Confections

PHOENIX - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - Song Of Choice: Lisztomania

KANYE WEST - 808s & Heartbreak - Song Of Choice: Robocop

KID CUDI - Man On The Moon: The End Of Day - Song Of Choice: Cudi Zone

CASTLEDOOR - Shouting At Mountains - Song Of Choice: Skipping Stepping Stones

This is just a quick selection of songs from my ipod, and enjoyable tunes, ill do many more picks, with a better organization, but for now this is a MOSH-POSH of my favs. hope you take a look at em, and all the artists names off the list link to the websites if you are unaware of them. enjoy! and ill be back soon readers!!!!!

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